Currency option expires April 12 at 10:00 am New York discount


1.0900-10 (€2.7 billion)
– 1.0940-50 (640 million euros)

– 132.00 ($732 million)
– 132.15-25 ($863 million)
134.10-15 ($1.1 billion)

– 1,2300 (£692m)

– 1,3800 ($582 million)

– 0.6700 A$ (A$545 million)
– 0.6750 (A$1.2 billion)

– 0.8755-70 (480 million euros)
– 0.8795-10 (€595 million)

As highlighted, there is a couple to note. intrepid.

First, the EUR/USD pair is approaching the 1.0900 mark, which could make price action more sticky at current levels ahead of US CPI data later in the day. The key risk event is still a big driver of trade sentiment, so it’s something we need to consider when we hit that at 1230 GMT.

Then there’s a decent level just above 134.00 for USD/JPY, but that’s a level that doesn’t make much technical sense. This could help contain price action in European morning trading before the main event of the day.

Keep in mind, however, that US CPI data will continue to be arguably the most influential factor affecting markets today, and as such can very well override any outlook and sentiment on the maturity chart.

For more information on how to use this data, you can refer to this post here.

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