April seasons: Wet weather, sizzling markets


March seasons provided a good clue as to what might happen in the month.

To start, March was the second-strongest month for USD/JPY, a headwind as the pair rose to the 152.00 level following BOJ tightening reports earlier in the month.

I wrote the following in March:

Real trade may be poised to strengthen in April, which could coincide with stronger signs of central bank easing.

What are the trends for April?

  • The best month of the year for cable
  • April is the strongest month for S&P 500 and Nasdaq Comp
  • Also the strongest month for the MSCI World Index
  • The best month of the year for DAX
  • For oil. April to June is the strongest period of the year
  • Copper seasonality remains strong through April
  • Strongest month (by far) for AUD/USD and AUD/JPY
  • Second best month of the year for EUR/USD
  • Second best month for Shanghai Comp
  • When examined in more detail, the period of April 5-18 appears to be the strongest period historically

Want help for AUD/USD from nearby supports and seasonals?

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