Falling rents in Europe, but not in Italy. Prices


Rental prices are falling. I say it like this thatThe From Live anywhere, There piand greatAnd piattshapeTo internalshareionale From allobjectThe For University studentThe And GiovYears ProfessionisThe In Europe, which banksLanus ATo tendwithout In calorresdomestic animalTo for the trimEastking previousAnd. Dopor piand From 52.000 PropertyTo, Between Cwow billocalThe, Staze Private And MonoillocalThe, In 24 CitTo EURto pee, Average prices increased by 11.9% year-on-year, with a peak of 14.3% at the end of 2022. Tuttvia, LincreaseSpiritor recorderRato And TheggerSpiritAnd Minimumhours resdomestic animalTo for the trimEastking previousAnd, bitIAnd The Staze Private Hthenor mostRato ATo Varjazzion ZeroTo And The Beforezzi From affhere From billocalThe And MonoillocalThe Areor Toummentati resPetcIVa momentAnd enll1,9% And of 4,9%.

AThe FirstTo enlla panit belongs to me, The Beforezzi DegreeThere affitThe ahanus Troppo oldThe ForCHAnd molYou persone PoteatI was vI haveking as And Where vOlevanus“, affahBut Djordy Seelman, CEO From HousingAnyWhere. Which adds:

“The current deceleration in price growth merely points to a return to the pre-pandemic state, but characterized by a significant imbalance between supply and demand. To address the European housing crisis, governments need to balance structural supply constraints with a balance of incentives and restraints: they need to act by improving the availability, accessibility and convenience of housing.”

The Italian situation

RIsdomestic animalTo allthenor scoreI know And allTo End of 2022, There Yes, youshareion enThe Beforezzi DegreeThere affitThe In Italias And globalSpiritAnd stableile. Milan remains the most expensive city in the country, with A Monoilokayale The constantTo 1.200 EUR (resdomestic animalTo ToThe 1.288 From End 2022), A bilokayale To 1.800 EUR (continuedred The 1.850 enHello scoreI know trimEastking) And ATo Average From 724 EUR For ATo Stnumber Privateat a (resdomestic animalTo ToThe 735 EUR previousThe). AThe Rome Not recorderRa greatThe VarjazzionThe: The Beforezzo enThe billocalThe edgeAne To 1.700 EUR resdomestic animalTo To End 2022, Spiritking The MonoillocalThe scEndor not To 1.000 EUR (out of 1.050) And The Staze Private To 520 EUR (out of 539). AThe To Turin Yes recorderfrog calThe From Beforezzo: orTo A bilokayale constantTo 8th76 EUR (resdomestic animalTo ToThe 1.000 EUR From End 2022), A Monoilokayale 595 EUR (resdomestic animalTo ToThe 620 EUR) And The Staze scEndor not To 490 EUR (out of 510 EUR).

The only exception to this trend is Florence, The recorderRa glThe ToummentThe From Beforezzo piand oldThe In Italias In allYou The Typeprotocolie From allobjectThe. THE MonoillocalThe Areor Toummentati of 13,5% resdomestic animalTo allor scoreI know trimEastking, HarborI walked The Beforezzo To 1.050 EUR (out of 925 EUR To End 2022, The epoch GTheTo saltit To 8th23 EUR To Ini.eI thenor). The Beforezzo enThe billocalThe And orTo From 1.500 EUR (out of 1.468 EUR) And HereHello ofThe Staze Private And saltit To 570 EUR (out of 530 EUR).

Rent in Europe

THE MonoillocalThe Areor There TypeprotocolI From allobjectI The has mostRato LincreaseSpiritor piand consistentAnd SI trimEastralSpiritAnd The yearlySpiritAnd In Europe, with Lisbon In Mrstta To entR.A.M.So The ClassfactualHe. In detailoilAre, neitherlllastimo trimEastking The Beforezzi From affhere From A Monoilokayale To LisbonTo Areor saltsYou of 51,4%, HarborI walked There SaboveLeah To 1.212 EUR. The Netherlands, Germany and Portugal are also seeing significant annual increases for all property types. To egrecommendedI, To monk The Beforezzi enThe billocalThe Areor Toummentati of 20% And RadjThea Gor not The 1.800 EUR. For Crowdor AttachmentandardTo The Staze Private, The CitTo GermanegThe From Berlinor And FrankcontAnd currentlyanus The piand oldThe ToummentThe yearlyThe (31,7% And 29,2%, resPetcIVa momentAnd 790 And 800 EUR), selfgoodit out of Harboror And LisbonTo with growthThe parThe for the 22,5% And for the 21,4%. In geneale, There Manmayza From out ofheTo And There likealreadyhours Sungo out of detailAnd From GiovYears ProfessionisThe Areor The rectorwing fattoriginal The Hthenor certainlyato LToummentor enThe Beforezzi DegreeThere affitThe. The table below shows the cities with the highest annual increase of prices by type of property.

two-room apartments

private rooms


Reykjavik (33.7%)

Berlin (31.7%)

Lisbon (81.6%)

Budapest (25.3%)

Frankfurt (29.2%)

Reykjavik (57.3%)

Munich (20.0%)

Port (22.5%)

Hamburg (43.6%)

Amsterdam (18.4%)

Lisbon (21.4%)

Florence (27.7%)

Florence (13.4%)

Reykjavik (19.1%)

Frankfurt (21.5%)

Among the top 5 cities with the largest quarterly increase of prices by type of property.

two-room apartments

private rooms


Port (20.0%)

Florence (7.5%)

Lisbon (51.4%)

Helsinki (12.50%)

Rotterdam (7.1%)

The Hague (31.6%)

Hamburg (11.1%)

Reykjavik (6.2%)

Florence (13.5%)

Reykjavik (8.0%)

Berlin (5.5%)

Berlin (12.7%)

Frankfurt (7.3%)

Munich (5.3%)

Port (12.5%)

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