Additional profits, unacceptable damage between the government and the banks


Are we sure it couldn’t have been done differently? Are we sure that the extra profits that the government imposed on the banks yesterday could have no other application than the one found? Are we sure that the customers of the banks will not pay for the costs?

Let’s take it one at a time and ask ourselves two questions:

Should banks have behaved differently ethically than before?

I personally think so. What happened in relation to mortgages and interest rates (in relation to payment for services) should have led to it more ethical and healthier behavior towards customers.

Moreover, in the mortgage context, since very few lenders – when interest rates were close to zero – did not strongly advise subscribers to do so Choose fixed instead of variable tariffs?

Why are they recommending fixed rates today (bought today at the highs of the last six or seven years) when the long-term trend is towards normalizing interest rates, when they should strongly recommend floating rates?

And again a bit like the petrol prices, because after the sharp rises in interest rates, the banks didn’t adjust them Compensation for Customer Services?

In the vast majority of cases, the advantage created by the rise in interest rates only benefited the banks themselves. Monetized and certified benefits through current gold quarterly reports from all institutes.

There was no other way but to make the Italian banks, in a difficult economic period, lose over 9 billion in capitalization on the stock market, reducing their capitalization and causing significant losses in the portfolios of many Italian savers and investors and above all making a loss Do you stumble upon the idea of ​​a free and democratic market?

I find it inappropriate that other paths could not be taken and that other paths were not taken. On the contrary, the attitude of the executive underscores thatInability of Italian politics to govern itself and the countrythe inability to know how to interact with one of the most important systems within an economy, the financial system, without such violent upheaval.

This unconditional desire for moral persuasion seems misplaced. Anachronistic and almost “Tafazzian”. How is the crack between the parts repaired? A tear that seems bigger and deeper today and who will bear the consequences?

You will see that at some point It will always and only be savers, families and ordinary people who get involved.

Perhaps the cost of checking accounts will rise again. And do you think that after enormous additional income to pay Will banks now be willing to review conditions in favor of customers? Crazy who thinks this will happen.

And where will the confrontation between government and banks lead? Next to theThe executive will be able to judge between bank and bank? Evaluate who made smart decisions towards their customers and who didn’t make them?

Today There is an open wound. A wound that might not have existed if only more care had been taken.

As I wrote yesterday, this would also require the “State Stock Exchange“.

If the banks have lost 9% of their capitalisation, How much would the manager estimate now?

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