Delivery of medicines with drones, why did Amazon choose Italy?


On Amazon it will be possible to select the option in various regions of Italy until December 2024 Delivery within one hour by flight for thousands of items.

During the Delivering the Future event in Seattle, Amazon unveiled the Mk30 drone, a vertical take-off aircraft that will be critical to the service’s expansion Prime Air outside the North American continent. This innovative service uses Mk27 drones, developed internally by Amazon, to deliver packages weighing up to 2.3 kilograms to customers in the United States who require immediate deliveries.

Launched at the end of last year in some areas of California and Texas, it represents the most ambitious project the e-commerce site has ever conceived: to revolutionize the goods delivery process, speed up the entire system and reduce road traffic.

Why Amazon chose Italy

Among the reasons why it will also arrive in Italy, he explained David CarbonVice President of Prime Air, the service that manages drone delivery:

In Italy we found an excellent environment for the development of our project, thanks to the presence of Top aerospace companies We find people with the right mentality and skills to help us successfully achieve this goal. In addition, the relevant authorities were very open to these new developments and welcomed our efforts with enthusiasm.

In addition to Italy, the company will also operate in the United Kingdom, the two countries that Amazon has chosen as a launch platform to expand its service across the ocean.

Amazon plans to cover both residential complexes and individual houses with gardens, with particular attention to the suburbs of large cities, with two delivery methods: Direct deliveryin which the package is released by the drone from a height of four meters, or Creation of small collection points.

The characteristics of the drone for delivering medicines

The drone is able to remain in flight even in the event of failures and to land safely in extreme situations.

But how will they recognize and deliver the homes? Thanks to the sophisticated technology called “Sense and Avoid”, which allows you to detect and avoid obstacles, ensuring the safety of people, animals and buildings. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, this aircraft was designed to handle unexpected situations and make decisions autonomously. For example, in an emergency, the drone can judge whether to return to the take-off point or make an emergency landing in a safe area, demonstrating a high level of safety and reliability.

The difficulties of Amazon Prime Air

Despite Prime Air’s struggles so far, the company has confirmed that it aims to reach 500 million fleet deliveries by the end of the decade. Certainly not an easy goal, the outcome of which will also depend on what happens in our country.

Amazon hoped to reach 10,000 drone deliveries in 2023, but according to Information collected by CNBCit would have been achieved barely 100.

Delivery is only for small packages

There Delivery via Amazon drones This represents important progress for a sector that has been waiting for a breakthrough for some time, but has been held back by a lack of clear regulations. In addition, this acceleration could pave the way for the use of drone taxis, a project that has been much talked about in recent months as they are already set to be introduced at the next Winter Olympics in Milan-Cortina.

However, there are still some unknowns about it Sustainability of the Amazon Prime Air Initiative. The idea of ​​drone deliveries is certainly intriguing, but it has clear limitations. Currently packages must be small and weigh less than 2.26 kilograms. In addition, each delivery is individual and requires a separate flight for each customer.

Given the e-commerce giant’s large number of daily deliveries, it seems difficult to maintain this level of productivity at the moment. However, this is still early days and many things could change in the coming years, much sooner than we can imagine.

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