The Giro d’Italia lands on the Metaverse


The Tour of Italy is preparing for a revolutionary edition thanks to the partnership between RCS sports And LIVE, the Italian reference brand in the Web3 world. In the spirit of the campaign “In Wonderland 3”The Pink Race presented the digital collections that allow you to always get an advantage and especially the Metagiroa hyper-realistic virtual space for enthusiasts, designed to push the boundaries of the real-world experience.

Collections and Benefits

The collections contained therein VVITA Collections allow you to acquire the symbols that have marked the history of the Giro d’Italia, recreated in 3D computer graphics and made unique and authentic by the club Blockchain. Benefits include the physical pink jersey and access pass to the final stage in Rome, as well as the accompaniment of the riders on board the official organization car.

The Metagyro is a space that can be explored in 3D, a futuristic village that transports users to a dimension beyond time and space. Inside, a range of constantly evolving themed areas offer Giro fans a range of exciting experiences not just during the 21 days of the race, but throughout the year.

The new virtual space is unprecedented in the world of competitive cycling and aims to provide fans with an even more exciting experience. It will be possible to visit it from any mobile device to get information about the stages and to discover the extraordinary 3D reproductions of the endless trophy, the pink jersey and the other symbolic jerseys.

The Metagiro will evolve over time, unlocking new features and themes, transforming it into a real metaverse capable of offering ever more interactive and exciting experiences. It will be possible to create custom avatars, review and enter epic moments hall of fame of the champions who made the history of the Giro, make purchases and use the elements of the Giro gamification to purchase unique perks related to the pink race.

The Corsa Rosa is preparing to experience a new dimension, an immersive and captivating world where the history and tradition of the Giro d’Italia merge with the technological innovation of Web3.

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