The 10 Universities That Provide Better Earnings and Careers


University is a major Investment for every family. Especially when students are studying at a university outside of their home country and the costs involved also include accommodation costs. But how long does it take to succeed? to pay back the investment made for going to university?

The Observatory has taken care of answering this question job pricesthat processes each year how long it takes to succeed to recover the investments made in education at the various universities.

Universities that provide a more rewarding career

At which universities can graduates study? a better paying career? The JobPricing Observatory analyzed i Average salary for the first ten years of employment by graduates from 40 Italian universities. There are some in the first four places private universities or gods technical colleges located in Northern Italy:

  • Commercial University Luigi Bocconi: 35,297 euros;
  • Politecnico di Milano: 34,315 euros;
  • Turin Polytechnic: 33,244 euros;
  • Guido Carli Free International University for Social Studies: 33,044 euros.

At the bottom of the list, in the last places, are two public universities:

  • University of Perugia: 29,868 euros;
  • University of Cagliari: 28,946 euros.

From this data comes an important signal: when a young worker has one higher salary at entry levelit is very likely that he will be able to carry this advantage with him for the rest of his working life. Analyzing average wages by age group shows that among older workers, university graduates at the top of the rankings, who had higher salaries early in their careers, earn the highest wages.

Private vs. public university

In the ranking of universities that offer a higher salary, they are clearly in the top five places three private universities. What is the reason for the success of students coming from private universities, at least in terms of salary? In general, their frequency is associated with a greater possibility of assuming managerial positions.

The graduates of biteof the LUISS he was born Politecnico di Milano Compared to the other universities, they more often assume the role of manager (18%, 14% and 10% respectively) or manager (33%, 27% and 23% respectively).

Universities: the University Payback Index

However, which are the best Italian universities, analyzes the Ratio of expenses incurred to salary. He thought about answering that question University Payback Index (U_P_I)created by JobPricing.

This particular index was created with the purpose of representing a complete your studies within the statutory deadlines. This premise is fundamental because, according to the data from Alma Laurea 2022only 60.1% of three-year graduates, 49.7% of single-cycle graduates and 67% of two-year master’s graduates complete their academic careers. All excess years, of course, represent gods higher costs and, inevitably, a longer payback period for the investmentThis is independent of the chosen university.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account a number of other factors that do not directly affect the calculation of the index, but are potentially important in reducing the payback period of the investment. These include:

  • the possibility of withdrawal training costs She Off-site rental;
  • possible grants;
  • The no tax areawhich individual universities are gradually expanding;
  • The labor income that students earn during their studies.

The index examines the so-called cOsto opportunity to learn and what advantages result from it salary bonus that the market assigns to graduates during their careers.
The total costs incurred are made up of university costs – including all expenses incurred to complete a degree in a standard period of study of five years – and the lost income, i.e. the average GAS 2021 of an ungraduate worker under the age of 24.

Here are the universities that will allow you to recoup your investment in no time:

  • Politecnico di Milano: on-site 13.3 years, off-site 16.3 years;
  • Turin Polytechnic: on-site 13.9 years, off-site 16.3 years;
  • University of the Sudi of Brescia: on-site 14.2 years, off-site 17.7 years;
  • Commercial University Luigi Bocconi: on-site 14.9 years, off-site 17.7 years;
  • University of Pisa: on-site 15.2 years, off-site 17.7 years.

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