Strikes, why do they always take place on Fridays?


From Wall Street Italia editorial
June 16, 2023 9:17 am

An eight-hour nationwide strike by Milan public transport is planned for today from 8.45 to 15 And from 6 p.m. until the end of the service. It was the union that announced it At Cobas. The new strike comes just before the previous one, which took place on May 26, 2023. Commuters using public transport should be aware of potential service disruptions. It would be wise to consider alternatives such as carpooling or using ridesharing services where available. Drivers must also expect more traffic on the roads during rush hour. The question spontaneously arises among commuters: Why is that? Strikes always take place on Fridays?

Why are there strikes on Fridays?

Strikes are organized to formulate concrete demands from workers and to put pressure on the employer to comply. In this sense, a high participation in the strike is very important. If the strike were called during the week, membership would be lower. If it takes place on a Friday, the membership is always higher. And the larger the membership, the greater the likelihood that the hate speech will reach citizens and companies that the union itself wants to pressure.

The reasons for today’s strike

The decision to strike is not accidental, but was taken in protest against the liberalization, privatization and tendering of the services currently managed by the Atm Group. In particular, the union opposes the project.Milan Next” with the aim of transforming Atm Spa into a special company of the City of Milan, with the consequent direct transfer of services to the company itself, in addition to the request to make these services free for users. In addition, Al Cobas wants to reintroduce that as well distancing between drivers and passengers, preventing the use of the front door to board and alight passengers. The union’s other demands are cleaningSanitation and hygiene of vehicles and environments and the protection of occupational safety With the introduction of passive protection systems, they are more exposed to aggressive actions. The union is also asking for the ability for traveling staff to use it public holidaysthe definition of business plans for the hiring and conversion of part-time contracts.

Finally, Al Cobas asks for one Increase of 150 euros net for all employees to compensate for previously insufficient contractual increases.

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