Personal finance: How to save 100 euros per week


L’Inflation in Europe remains high. According to a quick estimate of EurostatIn August it was 5.3%. Experts predict that the highest rate could be seen in food, alcohol and tobacco products in August (9.8% compared to 10.8% in July), followed by services (5.5% compared to 5. 6% in July). Inflation is undoubtedly making itself felt at the moment Consumers go shopping: Most families struggle to make ends meet. In this general context of rising prices you can save?

How consumers can make it through the month more easily. The site FoxBusiness has taken the advice of some experts, which can save you up to 100 euros a week. Let’s see what they are.

Save money by changing where you shop

When you go shopping, it’s a good idea to look around a bit. Not always the stores near your home or work They are the most comfortable. They are stores where you feel comfortable because you know them well. But that doesn’t mean they charge the best prices.

Changing your shopping location doesn’t just apply to purchasing items Groceries. This solution can also be applied if They buy clothes and other important household items.

Activities for the week

To save money, you need to plan. The first step to being able to spend fewer euros is to do it taking into account the commitments you have this week: By organizing your agenda as best as possible, you can save money. For example, you can take it with you to go to work public transport or ask to work smart from home if the company allows it.

The underlying goal is to save discretionary spending and balance it with various needs.

Going out with friends

To save money, it is possible, for example, Organize your free time as much as possible. Instead of going out, you can be creative, spend time with friends at home and maybe prepare dinner.

Instead of going to a pizzeria or restaurant, you can also take a walk in a park.

Save on subscription services

Spotify And Netflix These are just two of the many monthly subscriptions charged each month. In this case, it is important to analyze which subscriptions are actually used and which can be dispensed with.

Knowing how to move It is enough to suspend a subscription for one month and check if the services are missing that you no longer have. If at the end of the month you realize that you have managed to do without it, you can definitely save on these costs.

Outsourced Services

A really interesting analysis concerns Services that are used regularly. If you plan them, you can use them less. Most importantly, it can make it clear whether they are really necessary and therefore potentially eliminate them from the monthly budget.

An example in this sense can be car wash, which can be done completely independently. Or avoid bringing me with you Take clothes to the dry cleaner to have them ironed or pick up groceries instead of having them delivered.

Pay attention to your bills

There are many families who have to pay during this time very high electricity bills.

THE Consumption can be reducedSuch as turning off lights in rooms you are not in and limiting the use of fans or air conditioning. But above all by minimizing the use of household appliances such as washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. Perhaps their use will be postponed until late in the evening.

Save on amenities

One of the other aspects you can focus on to save money is this Grocery budget. Groceries are one of the most variable costs each month.

In the event that the Takeaway food or you decide to eat in one regularly restaurantReducing these costs is a quick and easy way to save a lot of time. In this case, too, it is important to plan meals for the week in order to optimize expenses. In this case you can save up to 100 euros per week.

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