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Entry into the financial sector UCapital Asset Management, an innovative and international investment firm that will operate across industries and will be based in London. The company was founded with the aim of expanding its own UCital group international financial power. Let’s see all the details about this important process in the analysis.

Operation notice

In particular, UCapital AM It will act on a global scale, proposing innovative solutions and based on new technologies. Today, the company announced the important news to everyone with an official announcement: “The UCapital Group, a global fintech ecosystem operating in finance, technology and media, announces that Paris Stock Exchange-listed Aleph Finance Group has decided to change its corporate name to UCapital Global PLC and that its subsidiary Pairstech Capital Management has converted into UCapital Asset Management LLP, domiciled in London and FCA licensed. This decision was made after the holding took over the UCapital group. The EUR 15 million transaction enables the group, founded in 2017 by Gianmaria Feleppa, to expand its international financial strength. The initiative aims to harmonize and systematize the UCapital group’s offer and complete the structure of the entire fintech ecosystem. The group, whose holding is UCapital LTD, consists of: UCapital24 SpA, listed on Euronext Milano, the first global fintech social network that also manages a web TV based both at the Madonnina and in New York; UCapital Global PLC, listed on Euronext Paris, which operates in both Asset & Wealth Management and Investment Banking, with a particular focus on startups and SMEs from across Europe; Trade Capital Italia, an Italian SIM specializing in trading services.

“The acquisition of alf – he explains Gianmaria FelippaCEO and Founder of UCapital – allows us to complete our strategic plan focused on creation a fintech ecosystem. The choice of the names UCapital Global and UCapital Asset Management was also due to the fact that the latter will be the investment company of the UCapital group. A new reality that will operate on a global scale, with innovative investment solutions in line with new market scenarios and using new technologies to offer greater guarantees to our investors and clients. In addition, the new investment banking department will allow the best European start-ups and SMEs to raise new capital worldwide, also thanks to IPO and M&A operations. In fact, thanks to the interaction with the social media UCapital24 and its fintech services, UCapital Asset Management becomes the point of reference for all companies that want to expand on a global scale.”

The words of the new CEO of UCapital AM

The post of CEO of UCapital AM was entrusted Claudius Garavaglia, who has many years of experience in investment banking, private equity and asset management, commented: “I am both delighted and honored by this new position and thank Gianmaria Feleppa for this important opportunity.” The premises are very positive, it is acting It’s a company that didn’t come out of nowhere, but has been around for some time and has a historian to work with. I will try to expand the skills available in UCapital Asset Management, focusing in particular on the synergies that can arise between the companies that make up the group’s financial and fintech ecosystem. I will also work to further develop the retail relationships already in place, thanks to my relationships both corporate and institutional, which we will continue to strengthen.”

In short, the offer is growing and expanding financial products with the birth of UCapital AM. Another reality that will bring all its experience in areas such as finance, technology and media to then offer investors competitive and useful portfolio diversification tools.

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