IKN Italy presents the 2023 edition of Forum Banca: for the first time there will be the Excellence Area


IKN Italy just announced the 16th edition of banking forumthe annual appointment that brings together the protagonists shaping models and trends in the banking, finance and fintech sectors, with the aim of analyzing the most current challenges in the sector, innovation and technology that banks are facing.

The last few months have brought really important challengesincrease in interest rates on the rise in NPL loans, but also on the novelty of decentralized fundingESG criteria, big tech strategies, the future of open finance and cryptocurrencies and these will be the topics covered in this new edition of Forum Banca.

Frances CattoloOwner of IKN Italy, announced the new edition of Forum Banca as follows:

This appointment, which grows from edition to edition, has become a real point of reference for the community of managers in the sector, offering debates and comparisons that highlight the different points of view, including that of authority and the vision of the CEOs Here the years to come and the most important success stories of the Italian and international scene. The main conference in October will be an opportunity to take stock of the interest rate situation, the development of NPL and UTP loans, as well as the development scenarios of the system both with the entry of Big Tech and after the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Capital and the Impact on the European system.

The event will take place on October 3rd and 4th, 2023 in Milan and will start with thatExecutive Summitsthe invitation-only formula meeting for C-levels that will address the macro issue of digital finance trend and the risk of disintermediation: Speakers will provide their vision on the question “Will central bank digital currencies be sufficient to meet the challenge of decentralized finance, the rise of big tech, and cyber and money laundering risks?” Bitcoins as well as on the financial strategies of BIG Techs.

The comparison will deepen this Role of the Bank for International Settlements (BRI) and the projects activated with the main central banks, the impact of other payment tokens (cryptocurrency – stablecoins) and the entry into force of MICA. The event compares examples of models enabling decentralized finance: In the debate we will talk about Metaverse to accelerate finance and Debt & Bond Tokens. A particular insight into the Digital Operational Resilience Act to analyze whether it can achieve the ambitious goal of consolidating and harmonizing key cybersecurity requirements at European level.

However, on October 4th main conference which this year presents a great novelty in the Expo sector, theArea of ​​Excellence: a space dedicated to the excellence of technology, addressed to the main players of the banking world. The most innovative companies will be present at the event, presenting their solutions through a guided tour led by an expert in the sector: it is an immersive experience that will present the latest market news to the participants, together with the top partners of the event.

The day of October 4th will include over 100 speakers and more than 600 participants It starts with the opening plenary session, which looks at ESG, open finance, cryptocurrencies and inflation, analyzing the investment logic of large banking groups to meet the challenges of the post-digital age. The day then includes 7 parallel thematic tracks that deal with different topics.

Not only. The event will host the Fintech Smart Village: compared over 15 fintechs to identify the latest developments in robotics for customer care and onboarding services, sustainable finance, revenue-based finance, embedded finance and banking-as-a-service, integrated finance, crowdfunding, crypto, metaverse and NFT.

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