How to get the ISEE yourself and online for free: the complete instructions


From Luca Losito
April 15, 2023 09:08

get thati see online And At no price It is possible to simply connect to the platform of theinps and follow the appropriate procedure. Let’s look at everything in detail in this analysis.

The INPS tool

who prefers do it yourself and does not want to go to cafes or patronage for the issueI see 2023can therefore already enter and use the personal area of ​​MyInps Dsu service precompiled, in which the INPS independently collects the data required to calculate the certificate. The pre-compiled ISEE contains data declared by the citizen himself, to which are added the pre-compiled data provided by the Revenue Agency and the INPS.

So the release ofSee certificate it’s much quicker and you don’t have to search for documents about your assets and income, which cafés and patrons usually ask for. Furthermore, by confirming the data present in the precompiled dsu, any reports of omissions or inconsistencies in the ISEE are avoided. For this reason, the Budget Law 2023 promotes the use of the pre-compiled ISEE, the fastest system to date, to obtain the certificate updated to 2023 (with income and assets referring to 2021).

The complete procedure for obtaining the ISEE

The first step to applyI see precompiled It’s very simple: go to the INPS website and authenticate yourself in your personal area (click on “Enter MyInps“). Once authenticated – using Spid, Cie or Cns credentials – simply type “Isee pre-compiled” in the appropriate search bar and click on the appropriate service. At this point, click on the “Interactive Acquisition” to start the process. Here you can choose between two different options: Dsu mini, easier and faster Integral dsu. Except for exceptional cases, it is always advisable to proceed with the Dsu mini, where the procedure is much simpler. Upon completion, the DSU is sent to INPS.

What to do after the Dsu

After sending the You updated you have to wait for the communication ofOnce on the status of the case without controls. You can see the status of the application in your personal area on the “Check” page. If there are no irregularities during the checks, the Dsu is “processed” and can therefore be downloaded. In this case, before downloading the document, a final step is required to confirm or modify (or possibly delete the dsu) the precompiled data.

How to download the ISEE

At this stage you can consult all of them Data acquired frominpswhich – if they do not correspond to reality – can be changed. And where information is missing, it can be supplemented. Verification must be performed for each member of the family nucleus, if required; Use the menu on the left not to forget any of the provided items, from income to wealth. Once each step has been completed, simply save everything, confirm (first click on “Confirm data” and request a certificate and then click on “Confirm and certify”) and download the Isee certificate that is already available at the end of the process.

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