How much does a Serie A referee make?


The game between Naples and Salernothat the Scudetto team was able to bestow Luciano Spalletti, will be played today at 3 p.m. instead of yesterday as originally planned. The request to move the game was at a meeting between the Prefect of Naples, Claudius Palombamayor Gaetano ManfrediThe commissioner Alexander Julian and the president of the association, Aurelio de Laurentiisfor reasons of public order. In fact, the parade allows all celebrations and efforts to ensure public order to be concentrated in just one day. Marcenaro will be the match referee, an important responsibility.

When earning a referee

Speaking of arbitration, A Serie A referee can earn between 3,800 and 5,800 euros per game, depending on the role he plays within the game. In addition, there is also a fixed salary that is linked to the number of games and image rights and varies from a minimum of 100% 45 thousand euros up to max 80 thousand euros per year. Reimbursements for accommodation and travel are added to the total amount.

The extras get around €1,000 per game, while the fourth official only gets €500. In Italian cupHowever, with an average of 1,000 euros per game for game officials, the figures are significantly lower, even if the remuneration for the Supercup reaches the level of the first category.

But not only Serie A offers opportunities as a referee. In B seriesFor example, a referee earns EUR 1,700 per game, while fees continue to fall in the lower categories. In C seriesFor example, a referee can earn €200 to €150 per game while at it D series the number drops to 60-40 euros per game. In the case of the Eccellenza, on the other hand, the income fluctuates between 35 and 100 euros including the transfer fee, while only the transfer fee is provided for the youth teams.

Although Serie A represents the pinnacle of a refereeing career, the lower tiers also offer interesting opportunities and are a great way to work your way up and stand out with the ambition to make a career and reach the pinnacle of that particular profession. In any case, the referee remains a central figure in the game of football and his constant sporting preparation is a fundamental aspect in order to fulfill this job in the best possible way. In fact, the referees must be able to walk around the pitch and follow the actions of both teams, and also face criticism due to the introduction of VAR and the reduction in the use of the technology in those early years of use in Italy.

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