Home Ownership Awards, Which Ones Can You Get Without Restructuring?


The Greenhouses Directive sparks citizens’ curiosity about i government bonuses with which at least half of the investments incurred in a building renovation could be amortized. Those looking to make their home more efficient and secure can take advantage of a few perks that offer the ability to swap out some components without necessarily having to do a renovation. From the fee for the equipment to that for the awnings, here you can find out what they are and the conditions to be observed for their use.

Game Bonuses

One of them is the equipment bonus, which allows you to replace the windows without having to undergo a major renovation with an impact on the city, as long as the specific thermal transmittance of the climate zone to which they belong is respected. In this way, it is no longer necessary to resort to contributions such as the eco-bonus or the renovation premium, which made it possible to reimburse 50% of the cost of replacing windows and other interventions.

The advantage allows you Refund 50% of costs incurred up to December 31, 2024 for the replacement of windows, through a system of 10 equal annual installments, for a maximum value of 60,000 euros.

Bonus awnings and mosquito nets

The awning bonus has also been confirmed for 2023 and 2024. The relief falls within the scope of the 50% Ecobonus and 110% Superbonus, as it affects the energy efficiency of the building and can involve both the purchase and the installation of the products. The incentive consists of a 50% Irpef or Ires deduction up to a maximum of 60,000 euros for the purchase and installation of sun shielding systems, removal of existing systems and ancillary works.

There are three ways to get the benefit: a direct discount on the bill; the Irpef deduction with the repayment of 50% of the expenses in 10 years at an equal rate for each year; the transfer of the awning bonus tax credit to a third party. To obtain the deduction, the request must be sent to the ENEA website (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) in the “Tax Deductions” section within 90 days of the completion of the work or tests. The documents that must be presented to Enea are: form describing the intervention, alphanumeric Cpdi code and signature of the beneficiary, and the email from Enea with the above code; the affidavit of a qualified technician; technical data sheets of the components and the CE marking, which guarantees their energy efficiency; Power claims for the entire solar transmission.

In addition to the acquisition or relocation costs, the costs incurred to obtain the documents required by Enea from the specialists can also be deducted. Instead, the replacement or installation of individual components (accessories, electric motors, etc.) and repairs are excluded from the premium. The deduction can be requested for several awnings installed in different apartments, as long as it is a single owner.

The sun protection systems must be permanent and integrated into the building walls and therefore must not be removable. To protect windows and patio doors, they must be fitted inside or outside the glass surface. Orientation is permitted to the south-east, south-west or south; excluding North, Northeast and Northwest as they are not directly exposed to the sun. Also, it is necessary to use material that meets the requirements of the standards established by the European Union. Concretely, the structures covered by the bonus are two types of sun protection devices (blinds, roller blinds, awnings, outdoor awnings with folding or rotating arms) and blackout closures (shutters, roller blinds, roller blinds) with CE certification that can do so can be combined with glazed or free-standing elements.

Mosquito nets can also be included in the promotion and belong to the blackout closures, but only those to protect a glazed surface that cannot be freely assembled and disassembled by the user, are adjustable and, above all, have a CE mark with a value of the transmission factor Total solar associated with the protected glass surface less than or equal to 0.35 (relative to type C glass, Uni En 14501 standard, sun protection Gtot greater than 0.35, certified by the manufacturer). Therefore, in order to receive the 50% tax deduction, energy efficiency is required and the purchase must be made by December 31, 2023.

Whoever can access it with Irpef deduction is the owner and mere owner of the property; Who has the usufruct or other right to the property? the tenant; of the borrower and the condominiums, but limited to the common areas.

premiums for air conditioners

The Bonuses for air conditioners without restructuring falls within the scope of theeco bonus, which provides a discount of 65% until December 31, 2024 on a maximum of 46,154 euros, divided into 10 annual installments of the same amount. With the Ecobonus, highly efficient heat pump air conditioning systems can be purchased, which can be used to both cool and heat the house.

In order to be able to benefit from this, it is important that the payment is traceable and therefore made by bank transfer or debit or credit card. And that the air conditioners are heat pumps, allowing energy savings for the home certified by the manufacturer or installer.

Green bonus

The Green Bonus 2023 represents targeted tax relief Enhancement of gardens, terraces and outdoor areas of houses and condominiums. With this benefit, you get one Irpef deduction of 36% on costs incurred for the maintenance and rehabilitation of private green spaces Belonging to existing buildings. It is important to note that the bonus is applicable exclusively for work on the exterior of residential buildings.

The application for relief is made via the tax return and the reimbursement is made in ten equal monthly installments from the year in which the costs for the permitted interventions were incurred. The maximum allowable spending limit is 5 thousand euros; Therefore, the maximum achievable deduction is the same 1,800 euros.

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