Fineco AM invests in the EIB’s first digital bond


Fineco Wealth Managementan Irish wealth management company wholly owned by FinecoBankmade an investment in first digital bonddue April 28, 2023. The Notes were issued by European Investment Bank (EIB). The latter, founded in 1958 and chaired by Werner Hoyer, provides funding for projects that help achieve EU goals inside and outside the European Union. The Bank takes out loans on the capital markets e pays off loans on favorable terms for projects in support of EU objectives. About the 90% the loan is paid off in the EU. The money does not come from the European budget.

The digital bond is part of an in-depth study of digital assets and technology Blockchain on the basis of the same to understand the important developments that are underway in the field of technologies for the financial world.

The project, supported by Société Générale – Smithy in planning and executing the transaction, was personally looked after by Fineco Asset Management Enrico DiSavia PuglisiLegal advisor and specialist in the field of digital assets, with the support of Jack KellySenior Bond Portfolio Manager for the investment side.

Thanks to the transaction, Fineco Group is one of the first digital asset subscribers in Italy.

The other subscribed digital bonds

We remember that last December the first digital native bond on blockchain platform (DLT) in Europe. The bond was issued by the Veneto Wine Company Quarter Spa. the DLT Bonds for a period of five years (2022-2027), for a total amount of 1 million euroshas been fully subscribed to by Valsabbina bench. Integrated sim acted in the sole structuring role and leveraged fintech collaboration Escaped (Sandbox srl), the law firm LX20 law firm and the Morone Notary Firm. Valsabbina bench founded and is the sole investor in the operation.

Who is Fineco Asset Management?

Fineco Asset Management is the asset management company wholly owned by FinecoBank. Operating since July 2018, it is based in Dublin and represents a center of excellence for managing and building investment solutions for the composition of clients’ asset allocation, with the aim of meeting financial planning needs, even the most complex and demanding . It offers investment solutions tailored to the diverse needs of savers: highly diversified funds of funds; funds diversified by risk profile; funds delegated to the best global investment firms; protected equity funds; Decumulation funds designed to allow for gradual market entry. As of December 31, 2022, Fineco Asset Management managed assets for 25.9 billion euros.

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