Energy transition: Which countries are ahead?


Only 6 countries have invested that1% of GDP 2022 for renewable energies. And among them is not thatItaly. The report reveals that “Promotion of an effective energy transition” in relation to 2023 and prepared by World Economic Forum (WEF) in June 2023. Let’s see which nations are the most advanced in terms of energy transition.

The most advanced countries

The Wef analysis measures progress in the energy transition thanks to theEnergy Transition Index (ETI). The index analyzes countries according to their current energy system and provides a measure of their readiness for the energy transition. Globally, ETI improved 10%, supported by a 19% increase in transition readiness scores and a 6% increase in system performance. In developed countries (Europe and North America) the ETI improved by 11%, led by the Nordic countries. All advanced economies have managed to achieve 100 percent access to electricity and develop reliable energy systems, but they have suffered badly in terms of affordability due to high energy prices over the past three years. These countries have made tremendous strides in regulatory policies, infrastructure, and investment in human and financial capital, but lag behind in innovation where they could make breakthroughs.

The most virtuous countries are the Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland), with high scores on both points. The leaders in the security dimension are above all advanced economies, such as e.g USA, Australia and Estoniafollowed by Malaysia, a developing country. All of these countries have a highly diversified energy mix, minimal reliance on imported fuels, and minimal disruptions to energy supplies.

L’Latin America leads the ranking in the sustainability dimension with Costa Rica,
Paraguay and Uruguay thanks to the abundant hydroelectric potential. These results show that regardless of economic development, countries can use the diverse resources available to successfully transition in different aspects of EIT.

What stage is Italy at?

Only in terms of carbon dioxide per capita does Italy do well, while lagging behind in terms of renewable energy capacity. Hardly any progress on energy intensity.

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