Currency option expires May 2 at 10:00 am New York discount


– 1.0960 (€1.2 billion)
– 1.0975 (680 million euros)
– 1.0990-00 (€1.5 billion)
– 1,1050 (€ 500 million)

– 1,2300 (£375m)
– 1.2610 (£356m)

– 1,3750 ($412 million)

– 0.6625 (A$402 million)
– 0.6700-15 (A$1.4 billion)

As highlighted below, there are a few key events for the day. intrepid.

The first is for EUR/USD near the 1.1000 mark, which could further contain price action at current levels. However, be wary of Eurozone CPI data coming later as this could see ECB pricing swing around a bit and could have an impact on the euro as well.

Besides that, there is one for AUD/USD at 0.6700-15 which is where price action currently resides after the RBA’s surprise decision. This, along with the 200-day moving average at 0.6732, could cap the upside before rolling off later in the day.

For more information on how to use this data, you can refer to this post here.

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