Company, the incentive code is underway. That’s it


From Alexandra Caparello
February 24, 2023 7:00 p.m

Preventing the extreme fragmentation of the current incentive policy and achieving the full efficiency of interventions for companies: that is the goal of the new incentive code, approved by the Council of Ministers. The Economy Minister and Made in Italy Adolph Urso (pictured above) he explained:

“The determination stems from the need for bio-reform to stop the incentive jungle. The goal is simplification and homogenization. Today’s global challenges require targeted and consistent responses, with a complete and coordinated system of incentives that can constitute an organic rulebook of reference for both public decision-makers and companies.

The draft law, according to the note of the Dicastery, is linked to the Budget Law 2023-2025 in accordance with the information provided by the Def and the Pnrr and includes among the objectives also the Simplification of rules for investments and interventions in the South. In fact, the overhaul of the incentives is a necessary step for the Promotion of Italian industrial policy which requires greater efficiency of interventions for companies at national level, as well as a focus on global challenges such as green and digital transitions.

In the last survey year (2021), the national support system recorded a total of 1,982 support measures, of which n. 229 were from central administrations and n. 1,753 from regional administrations.

Code of Incentives: What it offers

The provision shared with the administrations concerned and in agreement with the Minister dense works on three main sources:

  1. reorganization and rationalization the incentive measures in the light of the impact assessments to be carried out;
  2. coordination between central and regional administrations to avoid duplication and waste;
  3. Simplicity, clarity and recognisability B. through the incentive code, which contains the general rules to be observed.

The Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy must adopt the delegated decrees within 24 months.

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