work and retirement? What to do after the doors


A progressive aging of Italy’s population has been underway for some time, with the birth rate at an all-time low (average 1.24 children per woman) and the number of centenarians having tripled in the last 20 years to 22,000 on January 1, 2023 The average age of the population rose from 45.7 to 46.4 years between the beginning of 2020 and the beginning of 2023 the latest Istat data. At the same time, pension benefits, which are reduced on average from 80% of the final salary under the salary system to 65% upon transition to the contributory system. In this regard, careful planning at the level of Work And retirement planning after age 40, depending on age.

Tips for 40 year olds

At 40 you have to be clear about your professional future. The experts from incompany of Holding of the Gi Group active in career development and transition services, recommend, a Career Checks You can assess the extent to which your role and skills are aligned with market requirements and/or what measures need to be taken for further development. In the event that what you are looking for cannot be found in Italy, it is better to check if this is the case before considering a possible transfer across the border agreement country, pension side, or not, under penalty of non-use, for the purpose of determining the future annuity of the related contributions.

In the case of working parents, having a child allows you to develop skills Organization, delegation and prioritizationwhich denote the ability to keep up with the demands of today’s businesses.

From a social security point of view, too, it is necessary to adhere to forms of supplementary social security for those who have not yet done so and also to evaluate them advantages of taxation regarding complementary treatments and the possibility of accessing a possible RITA (Temporary Advance Supplementary Income).

Tips for 50 year olds

The age of 50 is often the moment at the crossroads between employee and self-employment, when many people decide to leave the company they work for and become self-employed: from freelancer to VAT consultant, shareholder of a company or entrepreneur own micro-enterprise. The starting point must be your own consciousness Placement of characteristic skills, how much or less the convergence between one’s own values ​​and those of the company still exists and what life-work balance one would like to achieve. If your experience is current, Intoo recommends:

  • continue on reference of know-how within the company or externally, in order to enrich and increase it in other areas as well;
  • Restoration of activity from Networking and the ability to make the most of mature professional contacts;
  • You can even use it to reach one better work-life balance.

People caring for a frail person outside of work can learn skills such as Search for sources/contacts (for the search for services and possible funding), the hearing skillsL’empathyThe relationship management and thenetwork extension which are reflected in new creativity and curiosity at work.

On the Social Security front lines, it is important to always monitor one’s situation in order to achieve the first objective post continuity, despite the possible interruption of work. Continuity can be achieved through:

  • free accumulation Contributions paid into various (public or private) social security funds without damaging the accrued amounts;
  • appropriate choice of social security institutions in the case of the self-employed / subject to VAT (e.g.: self-administration, craftsmen and merchants’ fund, professional fund when entered in a register) and assessment of the advisability of continued employment in the presence of a salary offer reduced compared to the previous one.

Continuity of posts allows you better explore all the alternatives existing pensions. In the case of a worker Posts are missing to access options woman (35 years of contributory seniority), the assessment of Completion Redemption in both the normal and the subsidized regime.

Advice for 60 year olds

In terms of work, 60 is the right age to make the most of the professional digressions gained and to understand in which areas one can become a reference coach or mentor; in the company, for example, for building new businesses, reviewing processes, reverse mentorship projects and launching internal startups; external, reboot yourself in the reality of the third sector.

On the pension side, it’s worth considering voluntary payments when only a few months remain to meet the early retirement requirements: 41 years and 10 months for women and 42 years and 10 months for men by the end of 2026.

When you retire, you can still continue a professional activity Perspectives open up subsequent improvements with reference to Value from his own Pension since income from a pension is compatible and cumulative with income from dependent and self-employed work; only some early retirement schemes, such as Quota 100 and Quota 102, do not provide for this possibility until the retirement age is reached.

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