Warren Buffett is also into US real estate


Warren Buffett invests in US real estate. Berkshire Hathaway In fact, the company added three US manufacturers to its position, increasing stakes in the three companies. The securities in which the billionaire has invested are:

The announcement was made later Monday, after Berkshire Hathaway released its new positions at the companies Stocks celebrated on the stock market. DR Horton and Lennar shares are up more than 2%; while the NVR grew by 1%. The Warren Buffett-led company’s largest investment over the period is in DR Horton: The multi-billionaire-led company holds nearly 6 million shares, which – updated to June 30, 2023 – equates to a value of $720 million.

Warren Buffett invests in real estate

Warren Buffett focuses on US real estate. On Monday, August 13th, the new investments of the company led by the multi-billionaire were discovered. Added to the stock portfolio: DR Horton, lennar And NVR.

The announcement of these investments follows a regulatory filing disclosing Berkshire’s U.S. stock holdings, which made up the majority of its stock portfolio as of June 30, 2023. And that, on this date, it was worth a whopping $353.4 billion.

These investments were made throughout the year second quarter of 2023. This period was particularly bad for housing construction and renovations as rising mortgage rates literally stifled demand. According to the Warren Buffett-led company, however, these effects are not observable were partially offset by new construction activity, determined by a low inventory of homes for sale. This situation could be a real boon for home builders.

Investments in real estate

Berkshire Hathaway announced that as of June 30, 2023 it owned approximately:

  • 5.97 million shares of DR Hotonfor a total value of $726.4 million;
  • 153,000 shares of Lennarfor a total value of $17.2 million;
  • 11,112 NVR Sharestotaling $70.6 million.

The filings officially disclosing the investments held by Berkshire Hathaway do not specify which were made directly by Warren Buffett and which were made by his portfolio managers: Todd Combs And Ted Weschler.

Although Berkshire Hathaway made significant new investments during the quarter sold many shares. With total stock wealth of $353.4 billion, he sold shares for $12.6 billion and bought some for it $4.6 billion.

Key sales included a 45% stake in General Motorswhose shares lost 1%.

In 2023 Berkshire Hathaway It sold $18.4 billion more shares than it bought. By far his largest holding remained his $177.6 billion stake Apple.

Other second-quarter changes announced Monday included Berkshire increasing its stake in Capital One, reducing its stake in Celanese and Globe Life divesting stakes in Marsh & McLennan, McKesson and Vitesse Energy.

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