War in Ukraine and disinformation, so “pollute” the scene


From Luca Losito
April 17, 2023 9:00 am

Of the Russiathe machine from disinformation on the War in Ukraine She hasn’t stopped for over a year. A thick canvas fake news And victim role which aims to give a whole new meaning to the events so far. We see everything in the analysis.

The origin of the war

There Pro-Kremlin propaganda it prepared the groundwork for the Ukrainian invasion well ahead of the full-scale invasion of February 2022. Like a true industry, the production chain of disinformation has alternated between different phases. The idea has long been widespread that Ukraine is not even a state, and that the brotherhood between the Ukrainian and Russian people is threatened by the West. In 2021, this narrative has started to pivot towards a different propaganda imagery, in which Ukraine is ruled by Nazi, imperialist and neo-colonial ideologies and the US plays an active role in influencing the false transatlantic alliance with Europe and NATO .

Putin’s words

With these premises, the Russia laid the foundation for the representation of Kremlin as a victim of strategy geopolitics International, to which it therefore becomes necessary to respond with a war that “guarantees Russia’s security”. In his morning speech of February 24, 2022, Putin draws a parallel with Nazi Germany’s invasion of Russia in June 1941, which then caught the USSR by surprise. “We will not make this mistake a second time. We have no right to do that,” said the President at the time.

The fake news about the war

There Recipe of the disinformation Russian it’s easy to summarize. L’aggression Western film in Moscow, the Danger for the use of chemical weapons by the BornL’lawful interference because requested by regions pro-russian, are the three macro themes on which Russia built its entire narrative. And it is on these elements that he will continue to press to justify the unjustified: the deliberate and violent invasion of another country’s territory.

In short, wait to understand how it will develop and, most importantly, end conflict Russian-Ukrainianit’s important to think about a key issue like that of disinformation. Having a clear and complete picture of the real situation minus the information bombardment that we are all subjected to on a daily basis in this day and age.

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