US Open 2023: The prize pool is $65 million


How much is the prize money for the We open in 2023? How much do tennis players who participate in this tournament earn? Let’s answer right away: the total compensation of players participating in the US Open 2023 amounts to 65 million dollarswhich is the tournament’s new all-time high by any measure.

The total prize money is expected this year registers an increase of 8% compared to the forecast for 2022, when the total was always about $60 million. This number includes the 3 million dollars which are awarded to the champions in men’s and women’s singles.

In short, it’s a total that represents a 15% increase over the $2.6 million brought home by the 2022 men’s and women’s singles champions Carlos Alcaráz And Iga Swiatek.

Us Open: Increase tennis player salaries

This year assumes an increase in player compensation a very special meaning. In fact, the US Open They are celebrating their fiftieth birthday. Back in 1973, the tournament was the first of four Grand Slam who decided to offer the same prize for men and women. The overall prize pool was balanced at around $100,000with a $25,000 payout for the men’s and women’s champions.

The value of the total prize pool obviously depends on this over time it has literally increasedto reach $65 million for US Open 2023. An amount that represents in all respects: a truly new all-time high for the tournament.

The prize fund is expected in 2023

The jackpot available in 2023 is 8% higher than in 2022. A year ago in fact The amount was set at $60 million and included $3 million for the men’s and women’s singles champions. The amount we just saw was represented a 15% increase from $2.6 million which was taken home by the men’s and women’s singles champions in 2022 Carlos Alcaráz and Iga Swiatek.

The full breakdown of player compensation at the US Open 2023 is as follows:

Individual in the main draw

  • sample: $3,000,000;
  • second: $1,500,000;
  • semifinalists: $775,000;
  • quarter finals: $455,000;
  • round of 16: $284,000;
  • round of 16: $191,000;
  • round of 16: $123,000;
  • round of 16: $81,500.

Double peloton (per team)

  • rehearse: $700,000;
  • second: $350,000;
  • semifinalists: $180,000;
  • quarter finals: $100,000;
  • round of 16: $58,000;
  • round of 16: $36,800;
  • round of 16: $22,000.

The compensation due to tennis players does not end there. The organization has taken precautions to offer increased support to all participants at all events with the introduction of additional player spend support.

They were actually introduced $1,000 worth of travel vouchers and all players now receive an additional hotel room Or the hotel fee is doubled from $300 to $600 per day if the player chooses accommodation other than that provided by the organization. In addition, players will notice increased racquet feeding and stringing on all players.

This support is given to all players in both the main draw and the men’s and women’s singles qualifiers; men’s, women’s and mixed doubles; as well as men’s, women’s and quad wheelchair events.

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