The ranking of the best paid seasonal jobs in summer 2023


Summer is not only synonymous with vacation and swimming in the sea. Or the classic ice cream in the evening while watching a beautiful sunset. July and August are two months in which the younger ones in particular can do a lot seasonal jobs, which you can use to take some cash home with you. There are many entrepreneurs who deal with this summer season: For this reason I am looking for more or less young employees for some positions.

Thus begins a good time for those who intends to try his hand at a seasonal job: It doesn’t matter if he’s an exam break student, a boy who graduated from high school or why not, a person who still needs to save some money. Let’s find out what they are The best paying jobs of summer 2023.

Seasonal jobs available to everyone

To create a real ranking best paid seasonal jobs in summer 2023 The newspaper took care of it The sunwho took tenth placeEvent host/hostess. With this job, the youngest have the opportunity to earn something 5,667 euros. It is a profession that can be practiced by young people between the ages of 16 and 25. It is not necessary to have an educational qualification. In some cases it is necessary to complete training, in others it is not necessary to fulfill this requirement.

Always The sun Ninth place among the highest-paying jobs of the summer is theIce Cream Shop Assistantthrough which you manage to get home 5,789 euros. Precisely due to the nature of the products sold, the occupancy rate of an ice cream parlor is highest in the warmer months. In eighth place in the ranking of the best-performing seasonal jobs is thebeauticianwith which you can earn up to 6,170 euros.

The valetwith his 6,209 euros, ranks seventh. During this period, the parking attendants are in high demand: this can be seen from the many signs posted in many shops and in countless restaurants in Italian tourist cities. The sixth highest-paying job is the Summer camp coordinatorthat you can take home with you 6,283 euros.

The importance of safety and training

Definitely one of the fundamental issues for those looking for a seasonal job it is related to security. There are many seasonal jobs that get done under the sun: it’s important to always pay close attention to what they’re doing.

Rushing can cost time in training and education on safety at work – he explained Thomas Baron, HSE consultant and coach -. A lot of seasonal work takes place outside in the sun and the heat is likely to be the main cause of injuries. It is important that both employers and employees understand that physical and mental well-being inevitably improves safety.

Training is necessary and essential to achieve thisswimming instructor, which ranks fifth in the ranking of the best-paid seasonal jobs. Allows you to earn up to 6,600 euros. In fourth place, however, we find thebeach attendantthat he can take home with him 6,634 euros.

Now let’s move on to the highest positions. In third place we find a job that is active all year round, but in summer there is an increasing demand, especially in cities of art besieged by tourists: the tourist guide. In this case, the passed exam is required. With this seasonal work you can earn money in the summer 6,782 euros.

Thanks to festivals, concerts and major events, the demand for food increases in summer catering assistants: In three months they can earn up to 7,138 euros. is thesurf instructor the highest paying summer job: This can earn you up to 7,227 in the summer.

The highest paying seasonal jobs in 2023

In summary, this is the ranking of the highest-paying seasonal summer jobs:

  • Surf Instructor: 7,227 euros;
  • Catering Assistant: 7,138 euros;
  • Tourist guide: 6,782 euros;
  • beach attendant: 6,634 euros;
  • swimming instructor: 6,600 euros;
  • Summer camp coordinator: 6,283 euros;
  • valet: 6,209 euros;
  • Beautician: 6,170 euros;
  • Ice Cream Shop Assistant: 5,789 euros;
  • Event host/hostess: 5,667 euros.

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