the holidays are coming and ticket prices are going up


The Easter holidays are approaching and hoping to have the weather as an ally, the Italians are traveling again in Italy and abroad. Unfortunately, what will not be missing these days is the Sting expensive tickets, which will be felt especially when traveling by air: Rome-Catania one way for Thursday April 6 costs 369 euros. Rome-Palermo over 250 euros.

To denounce the increase in flight costs Absolute users, which went on to analyze the price differences that exist over the past few years. In 2023, consumers will find themselves in the situation of having to pay huge sums of money to return to their families.

Air flights: the expected price increases

The cases we reported on at the beginning are certainly the most striking. But the situation does not improve when the other sections are analyzed. A flight Milan-Brindisiagain for Thursday, has its price 182 euros, to fly between Milan and Cagliari you have to spend 154 euros, 160 if you fly from Rome. We are talking about numbers comparable to intercontinental ones. Baggage and seat selection surcharges must be added to these prices.

Furio TruzziPresident of Assoutenti, during an interview with the “Corriere della SeraHe explained that domestic flights were up 71.5% year-on-year and international flights were up 59%.

The situation does not improve when simulations are carried out for other national routes, which turn out to be expensive and with higher prices than practiced in recent years, always considering the period between April 6th and April 11th, which is the highlight of Holy Week and holidays.

Anyone who decides must also expect significant price increases to move abroad. A one-way ticket from Milan to Sharm el-Sheikh costs 521 euros: You used to be able to buy two tickets to New York for the same amount. The price of departure from Rome is slightly lower, costing 400 euros for the same destination. If you can afford a holiday in the Seychelles and the Maldives, you have to reckon with costs of 750 euros for the outward journey alone.

Bahn: There are also price increases here

Anyone who decides to travel by train not faced with the same price increases as air travelers. Assuming a departure on April 6 or 7, the train ticket could cost between 5 and 10 euros more than last year. For example, do you want a Trenitalia Milan-Salerno gets her 104 euros to spend, which increase to 170 euros for the Milan-Bari route and 164 euros from Turin to Reggio Calabria. Italo has increased the ticket for the Turin-Naples route from 93 to 06 euros.

Fabio Truzzi explained: “The latest Istat inflation data for March shows us that rail transport is growing at +4.9% annually. For these reasons, the federation has asked the government to intervene to monitor the behavior of the airlines that connect to islands such as Sicily and Sardinia, while we appeal to Trenitalia and Italo so that during the Easter period both reduce the number of trains on the North-South routes and the number of tickets at reduced prices for passengers”.

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