The Benefits of Meal Vouchers: Here’s Why You Should Use Them


THE footsteps were launched almost 50 years ago to offer employers, both entrepreneurs and freelancers, the opportunity to offer their employees and employees a secure future healthy lunch break and the organizational wellbeingand at the same time benefit from numerous tax advantages.

Meal vouchers have evolved over the years and adapted to the times: they have become digital, in line with society’s technological advances, and have expanded user choices.

What hasn’t changed, however, is the essence of meal vouchers, the key features that make them the business perks of choice for entrepreneurs, employees, and employees: Marketability, flexibility and ease of use.

The deductibility of the cost of meal vouchers

The deductibility of the meal voucher costs is a great advantage for the employer as well as for the employees and employees. THE Ticket meal vouchers for restaurants I am 100% deductible for direct tax purposes with fully deductible 4% VAT and are also exempt from taxes, social security and social security contributions. For freelancers, on the other hand, meal vouchers are suitable Deductible up to 75%It also saves you time collecting and storing receipts and bills for all expenses made in the bar or restaurant.

And for the employees? The tax advantages of meal vouchers result from this No wage deductions up to €8 per day per person! This means employees and employees have one available Income support tool be used to the full extent not only during the lunch break, but also for shopping or food delivery.

They help to strengthen the loyalty of employees and customers

Another important benefit of food stamps is their ability keep its users on two different fronts. On the one hand, the employees and collaborators who receive meal vouchers will be more motivated and committed to the company and the employer, on the other hand, a loyalty relationship will also be established with small shops, supermarkets and any other company that allows them to use food stamps.

It goes without saying: those who have meal vouchers prefer places where they are accepted and return to where they felt comfortable.

Flexibility and no restrictions when ordering

Flexibility is one of the aspects of meal vouchers that most convinces companies to use them and also convinces employees and collaborators to use them in their daily lives. And flexibility also comes from the simple activation: the meal voucher adapts to every need and its value can be freely chosen by each individual company or freelancer without restrictions Minimum quantities or firm orders for the first purchase and subsequent orders.

Over 150,000 locations

Ease of use is also a very important aspect of meal vouchers, both for the company and for the employee, and year after year the establishments accepting Edenred’s Ticket Restaurants have grown exponentially, to this day over 150,000 premises between bars, restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, online shopping, grocery delivery, takeaways and much more.

The big supermarket chains have already joined the meal vouchers, from Carrefour to Conad, from Coop to Crai, through Esselunga, Eataly, Il Gigante, Pam and many others, for both in-store and online purchases. and major grocery delivery services like Glovo have done the same to make them even more convenient to use without leaving your home.

The wide marketability of meal vouchers also allows employees and associates to save valuable time without having to go from place to place to find someone who will accept them Income support tool. To find your nearest restaurant in Digital Meal Vouchers, just open the official app and away you go.

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