Super bonus extended until September 30, 2023


The super bonus has been extended until 09/30/2023.

That, in short, is what came out of that House Finance Committeewhere at least those villas that have completed at least 30% of the works by September 30, 2022 have been given the green light to benefit from the 110% super bonus until September 30th this year.

The news about the super bonus

In short, the change was approved in the orally proposed restatement of Federico FreniSecretary of State for Economic Affairs, who proposed changing the final deadline for claiming the measure, Extension from June 30 to September 30, 2023.

The discussion about the changes to the Superbonus has been postponed to yesterday, Monday, March 27, 2023, at 7:00 p.m., where the Finance Committee of the Roomwhose job it should be to resume voting and definitively complete the examination of Legislative Decree 11/2023also known as the Superbonus Decree.

In order to allow the majority and the government to find the latest agreements, the text will arrive in the classroom a few days later than the original calendar foreseen: the arrival is scheduled for Wednesday 29 March 2023.

One of the most important planned innovations is linked to longer deadlines for deductions: up to twenty years. That was the official announcement from Giancarlo GiorgettiEconomy Minister.

Superbonus, the issuance of problem loans

Surely one of the most important knots to untie in order to get the Super Bonus is the one you are connected to problem loans. The proposed solution to solve the problem is to create a financial vehicle capable of buying and reselling problem loans in order to restore the liquidity of the system and solve the impasse that has been literally failing citizens and businesses for several months. The super bonus credits are stranded at this moment, amount to 19 billion euros: a real mountain, difficult to dispose of.

This financial vehicle could also include the large public companiesamong which we may be leaders Enel Xwho have offered to help the government. Meanwhile, through painstaking work of moral conviction on institutions and banks, the executive kept the promise The purchase of Superbonus credits and other building bonuses will be restarted. This double channel has materialized through some innovations introduced within the framework of the Superbonus Decree, which has reached its final stage in the Chamber’s Committee and is now expected in the Chamber on Wednesday.

Giancarlo Giorgettihe also claimed to be available to allow longer timesin which he states that he supports the deduction system: five, ten or even twenty years. According to Giorgetti, the principle is that Credit assignments must be used without faila system that has failed and crashed.

The Superbonus and the other building bonuses – the minister reminded – have cost public budgets 117 billion so far. It is important to support the construction and continue to do so, but within the framework of sustainable public funding.

The disposal of the residue

The residues, for which a disposal platform is being prepared, were also at the center of the discussions.

Giancarlo Giorgetti explained: “We have sensitized institutions and banks. The banks and post offices have announced that they will repurchase these loans within the framework of greater guarantees that we have given from a legal point of view. A system is being developed, a kind of platform that should somehow make it possible to dissolve the entire backlog“.

On the other hand, the use of Model F24, a chapter that the government has finally closed. Undersecretary of State Federico Freni believes that using them would cause significant and very significant liquidity problems. However, it is possible that we intend to do something on the BTP front.

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