Rai license fee reduced to 70 euros, last day to apply for an exemption


Rai License Fee News. From this year, as provided for in the budget law, i.e TV owners pay 70 euros instead of the previous 90 euros. However, there is no change to the payment method, which is carried out as usual Electricity bill: You pay 7 euros per month for 10 months (from January to October). The exceptions and deadlines for accession also remain: especially today 31 January, it is thereLast day to request a full exemption.

What will happen in 2024?

Regarding the Rai license fee, whichTax officeIn a statement dated January 4, the company explained that for citizens for whom the fee is charged on the electricity bill, or for pensioners who have alternatively chosen to withhold the payment directly from the pension, the electricity companies and the Social security lies The authorities collect the new reduced amounts so that those directly involved do not have to take any action.

Other taxpayers who already have a TV subscription and for whom electricity delivery could not be included in the bill must do so be carried out by January 31, 2024 the payment of the fee of 70 euros due for the entire year via form F24 (tax code TVRI). These include, for example, families in which no member has an electricity supply contract to which the TV fee can be charged.

For more information, a note underlines, you can visit the thematic section of the websiteAgency of Revenue Subject Areas – TV License Fee – Contact the Tax Authority (agenziaentrate.gov.it) or call the toll-free number 800.93.83.62.

Who has to pay the Rai license fee?

As the Revenue Agency reminds us: “The television fee is payable by everyone who has a television. It is only paid once a year and only once per registered family, provided the family members live in the same household.”

In addition, residents abroad also have to pay the fee if they own a home in Italy.

Since 2016, the presumption of ownership of a television set in the presence of a user has applied to the supply of residential electricity. The fee can therefore no longer be paid by postal order.

Exceptional cases

Not everyone is required to pay the Rai license fee:

  • who doesn’t own a television but theThe exemption is not automatic: In these cases, field A of the self-declaration must be completed. The self-declaration of non-ownership of a television is valid for one year and can only be presented by the owners of an electricity consumer for domestic use (with the exception of heirs). The declaration must be submitted by January 31st;
  • those over 75 years old if their own income and that of their spouse do not exceed a total of 8,000 euros: the subjects who have made the replacement declaration, if the exemption conditions continue, can continue to benefit from the relief in subsequent years without continuing to file a new declaration. However, if the conditions certified in an earlier replacement declaration are lost, for example because the expected income limit is exceeded, the declaration of a change in conditions is required;
  • The foreign diplomats and soldiers.

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