Poste Italiane offers postal vouchers for minors with a return of up to 6%


Since yesterday, February 20, Poste Italiane has published a new series of Postal savings bonds dedicated to minors (from zero to 16.5 years) with a Return that can reach up to 6% based on the age of the minor at the time of signing the voucher. The Good It can be given as a gift by anyone (parents, relatives, friends), it can only be registered in the name of a minor and will bear interest until the owner reaches the age of majority. If compensation is reimbursed, it expires after ten years.

Length of time

There The maximum duration is variable and changes regarding the age of the minor at the time of signing. From a minimum amount of 50 euros, savers can freely choose the amount of their subscription depending on their needs.


For the Paper subscription It is enough to go to all post offices with all the necessary documents (valid ID and tax number of the applicant and the minor). Alternatively, this is Postal vouchers can be purchased in dematerialized form online and in the BancoPosta appafter you activate the Minor Booklet if you are a parent with a Smart Device Booklet.

Refund conditions

The Early repayment is possible at any time, with the approval of the pension judge, with the right to repayment of the invested capital and, after 18 months from subscription, to payment of the accrued interest. In the event of early repayment before the age of 18, a nominal gross annual interest rate of 0.50% is applied.

If you subscribe to the title:

  • In paper form, The reimbursement will be made for the entire value in a single solution, within the limitation period and without additional costs, subject to the approval of the guardianship judge.
  • In dematerialized form, It is possible to request a refund of the entire value of the individual voucher in a single solution or partially for amounts of 50 euros and multiples at no additional cost.

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