Pensions, here is the payment calendar for July 2023


In the month of July 2023, pensions could benefitminimal increase aimed at people over 75 years of age. But not only that: the subjects who are entitled to it also get that fourteenth.

Let’s find out what are the most important news of the month of July that directly affect families drawing pensions. What’s changing for the Social Security checks that are due to arrive, but more importantly how The payment schedule is structured for those who pick it up directly from a post office.

Pensions and pension increases start in July

The payment of the pensions in July should then start the expected increase of 6.4% for the over 75s who receive the minimum pension. The Social Security checks should therefore be raised 599.82 euros per month. It should be remembered that this increase was foreseen in the 2023 budget law created by the Meloni government.

The subjects, on the other hand, are younger than 75 years gets a 1.5% raise: The amount arrives in this way, a 572.74 euros per month. In July, the arrears are settled with the payment of the social security check.

However, what undoubtedly makes the pension paid in July particularly interesting is that fourteenth, which only reaches those who are entitled to it. Unlike the thirteenth, the fourteenth is available to those over 64 years of age. Not only that, you must meet a number of pre-determined income requirements and paid social security contributions over a number of years.

Let’s try to give an example. A pensioner who has reached the age of 75, has 25 years of contributions and has a gross income of 10,992.93 euros per year could have the opportunity to receive this in Julyrise from the minimumwhat will be the same A total of 250 euros (we have also included arrears in this amount), plus i 655 euros from the fourteenth. In total, he will collect another 905 euros.

Anyone who wants to know in advance how much they will receive in July can connect directly to the INPS online service: “Citizen’s social security record“. To enter you must use one of the following access methods: lo spider (public digital identity system), The There are (electronic identity card) or the Cns (National Service Card).

Once you have entered the file, you need to click “Performance‘ and then further ‘pensions“. Finally you have to click “detail“. So you have all the details of the pension under control. And it is possible to know the amount that will be received.

pickup schedule

But when can they pick up the social security check for those directly affected directly from the post office? In July, the following calendar must be taken into account:

  • Saturday 1st July 2023: surnames from A to B;
  • Monday 3 July 2023: surnames from C to D;
  • Tuesday, July 4, 2023: surnames from E to K;
  • Wednesday 5 July 2023: surnames from L to O;
  • Thursday 6 July 2023: surnames from P to R;
  • Friday 7 July 2023: Surnames from S to Z.

The calendar announced directly by the INPS includes topics that They draw their pension in cash. The first useful day is Saturday, July 1, 2023. However, another matter concerns those who receive the Social Security check payout directly to their bank or postal checking account, which occurs on Monday, July 3, 2023.

What we have listed This is the alphabetical shift calendar that you will have to adapt to when collecting the documents in July 2023 for those who have decided to pick up their skills at the post office. This solution avoids long queues at the post office counters.

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