Pension funds because they’re comfortable despite the 2022 slumps


THE Middle Pensionstill remain in the market despite the 2022 declines long time the best contribution choice for an employee. This is because net black swans This can happen and affects any type of investment, the decision to focus on the severance pay and forego the annuity offers fewer opportunities for returns over time.

A year to forget for pension funds

2022 i returns of Middle from retirement planning integrative they were heavily negative due to the stock market collapse and interest rate hikes, while severance payments rose by 8.3%. This was revealed by Covip. THE returns network they were -9.8% for traded funds, -10.7% for open-ended funds and -11.5% for Branch III PIPs (individual pension plans). Analyzing returns from 2013 to 2022, the average annual return, net of management expenses and taxes, was 2.2% for traded funds and 2.5% for open-end funds, with a 2.4% cash-out re-evaluation.

What is supplementary pension?

there retirement planning complementaryrules through Legislative Decree 5 December 2005 No. 252, constitutes the second pillar of the pension system, the purpose of which is to supplement the compulsory basic or first pillar pension. Its aim is to help ensure the worker an adequate level of pension protection for the future along with the benefits guaranteed by the basic public system. The supplementary pension is based on a system of pension schemes which are responsible for collecting the retirement savings that allow one to benefit from a supplementary pension at the end of one’s working life.

In short, the economic support of a supplementary pension at the time of retirement can be a very positive thing. Because time is every investor’s best ally and can help erase even negative years like the one just ended. Ensuring the financial serenity needed for the now-retired worker.

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