“Lead the Future”, towards the forum of tomorrow


From Luca Losito
June 26, 2023 09:00

The October 25 and 26, 2023 the much-anticipated appointment with the guide forums at the Arcimboldi Theater. A two-day event organized by Performance strategies Their main theme will be “Lead the Future”, an important and ambitious goal to be pursued with high profile guests able to inspire change and growth in the company among the participants. We see everything in the analysis.

What is the Leadership Forum?

The guide forums it’s the big one Business case is dedicated to the topics of leadership and management and has been attracting thousands of decision makers, entrepreneurs and top managers for over 10 years. Business thinkers from the global scene, management, academic and cultural experts in a unique event to collectively inspire change, transform companies and reimagine the future of business. An appointment not to be missed, therefore, to reflect on today’s rapid changes and the future challenges that await entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders.

The Main Themes

“Lead the Future” is the central theme offall event, which also clarifies what the goals are: to transform the company to steer the future. The Hints they will be able to offer these prestigious Guests to the participants of guide forums They serve to reflect differently on the path to success in the various areas of the company. In order to better understand the proposed content, we have set out to produce a brief summary of the main macro issues that will be discussed at the event over the two days of the conference.

leadership of the future

Think of one guide such as creating one impact global: Let’s talk about the revolution of Indra NooyiHistorian and visionary CEO of PepsiCo. To accompany Pepsi in the sometimes romantic challenge with Coca-Cola, since 1994 it has been instrumental in the pursuit of innovation and the constant questioning of both the product and the business strategy, leading the company to a long streak of success worldwide.

Deal with the crisis

Manage the Business in the’era of volatility and from crisis it is possible. you serve instruments new For Leader new. Nassim Nicholas Taleb He is one of the most authoritative figures in the world on probability, risk and antifragility. And with its prospective perspective, it will be able to illustrate how best to navigate a world in which we constantly face bouts of severe business and household shocks.

Economical innovation

The scarcity of resources and the drastic increase of Costs are now a key issue for organizations and entire countries. “Achieving better results with fewer resources” is the epitome of an innovative approacheconomical innovationdeveloped by the researcher and management expert Ships Radjouwas named one of the most influential international business thinkers in Thinkers50.

happiness at work

If the future of each Agency is in the future of PeopleFind out what new models of guide and from management It is imperative to regenerate motivation. Mo Gawdat, the engineer who was Google X’s chief business officer from 2013 to 2018, asks us this tough question: Are you really happy? To find the answer to this difficult question, the expert examined a precise equation, which he will be speaking about at the event.

The global scenario

One thing everyone Leader should have face is lo global socio-economic scenario. Anna Rosling RonnlundGlobal trends expert, co-founder of Gapminder and co-author of the worldwide bestseller Factfulness, will show participants how to build a fact-based worldview, correctly perceive reality and also understand what can be done to further improve it.

The protagonists of the event

In addition to above protagonistsThere are numerous personalities who will contribute to the goal with their experience change business to lead the future. Featuring Nicola Piovani, Oscar winner for the music of the film Life is beautiful by Benigni; Cathy O’Dowd, first woman climber to scale Everest from two sides; Jo Owen, advisor to over 100 of the world’s leading companies; Federico Buffa, one of the greatest experts in effective communication and public speaking; Cristina Scocchia, one of Italy’s most respected and influential leaders; Luca Tommassini, well-known choreographer and director.

In short, the Ingredients participate in one case unique And valuable there are all. On the other hand, the Leadership Forum has been attracting thousands of decision-makers, entrepreneurs and top managers for over 10 years, also and above all thanks to the quality of the content and speakers offered. A unique date to rethink the future of the economy together.

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