It’s Bitcoin mania, a great week. And now?


From Wall Street Italia editorial team
March 11, 2024 8:27 am

Last week was a great week for Bitcoin. The digital currency has reached all-time highs and crossed the $70,000 threshold, with a year-to-date increase of +149%. Growth rates that dwarf the performance of the Nasdaq over the same period, whose appreciation stopped at +39%.

A few more data to underline the euphoria that has arisen around the queen of cryptocurrencies. Over the past seven days, the value of Bitcoin transactions was $253 billion (last day $24 billion), compared to $600 billion on the Nasdaq over seven days (last day $93 billion).

If it is true that the rally in digital currencies seems to be increasingly attracting retail investors, it is also true that Bitcoin, like all digital currencies, is subject to wide fluctuations. This has already happened in the past, when prices literally collapsed within a few months immediately after the highs in November 2021: Back then, Bitcoin slipped below $15,500 a year after reaching its all-time high.

The director of Wall Street Italia will speak about this Leopoldo Gasbarro in an intervention today during the Uno Mattina (Rai Uno) program.

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