“InSpeaker”, the Performance Strategies division for the selection of testimonials for company events, kick-offs and congresses


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October 10, 2023 08:00

Performance strategiesThink tank for the business world and reference player in Italy in the organization of business events InSpeaker – speakers to inspire, the new service that supports companies, public institutions, associations and communication agencies in selecting the best speaker for innovative and successful events, kick-offs and congresses. In fact, with over 10 years of experience, Performance Strategies has unique knowledge in the business events sector and over time has collaborated with the most important speakers and thought leaders, for which it also acts as publisher in Italy through ROI Publishing.

With a consolidated portfolio of over 400 top-class speakers and trainers InSpeaker supports customers in selecting speakers and designs tailor-made solutions: from the title to the cast. A wide variety of topics are proposed to companies, adapted to the trends and scenarios of greatest interest: leadership and motivation, economics and global scenario, AI and technology, sports and adventure, innovation and creativity, future and social transformations, soft skills Communication and storytelling, sales and negotiation, entrepreneurship and management.

InSpeaker is unique in the national panorama because it is able to offer a personalized consultancy service with high added value for companies and communication agencies that organize events and are looking for speakers in line with the company’s values ​​and positioning. The experience and network of relationships built over a period of more than 10 years represent a guarantee of efficiency and effectiveness to secure investment and management decisions. Our format is unique because it can count on in-depth knowledge of both the most pressing and current issues, as well as national champions selected for each subject area“ – he explains Marcello ManciniCEO and founder of InSpeaker.

Topics and format “Ideas” from InSpeaker:

  • TEAMWORK BEYOND THE NETWORK: the mentality of achieving the highest results in business and sport together with the most successful coaches of all time.
  • WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Increase the impact of your leadership to improve productivity and collaboration and drive commitment to company values.
  • Tell stories: Write stories that captivate and use words and images that leave their mark.
  • SCIENCE OF NEGOTIATION: the most effective strategies for building a relationship with the interlocutor and improving the effectiveness of negotiation performance.

Below are some of the InSpeaker speakers:

InSpeaker speakers

InSpeaker speakers

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