Inflation, why exit from the “safety” of deposits? The interview with CheBanca!


From Editorial Advisory Board
September 18, 2023 09:30

This interview is part of the “Savings and Inflation” dossier. In a context where the inflation trap remains, professional advice can represent a fundamental element to enter the world of investments.

CheBanca!Founded in 2008 as a multi-channel bank of the Mediobanca Group, the bank is dedicated to the management of savings and investments in the premium customer segment and uses two distribution networks, that of financial advisors and its own distribution network. As of June 30, the bank, led by General Manager Lorenzo Bassani, was registered Total assets grow by 37.5 billion.

Here is the interview with Duccio MarconiDeputy General Director and Central Director of the CheBanca! financial advisor network.

Italians and savings, how can we accompany them in the current context?

inflation erodes the value of savings accumulated over time and reduces their purchasing power. With an average annual inflation rate of 3.5% – lower than ours – 100,000 euros in a non-interest-bearing account still has the same nominal value after five years, but guarantees purchasing power worth 83,000 euros.

Until 2021, i.e. in an environment that has been characterized by low inflation for many years, holding low-interest deposits could have been sufficient counteract the price increase.

Today Manage your savings actively The use of qualified professionals represents a differentiating element to counteract the inflation trend and, for example, to take advantage of the adjustment of interest rates and credit spreads, which have widened significantly and exceed the long-term average.

On the product side, we work with Mediobanca Sgr and our partner asset management companies Guarantee an offer that is in line with market developments: This is the case with OICR Target Maturity bond solutions, certificates and bond loans in the current scenario.

However, leaving the security of deposits to expose yourself to the financial markets involves some risk and is therefore a risk The key word is diversification.

Inflation burden, how do CheBanca! advisors deal with it?

CheBanca’s financial advisors are involved in the planning activities! support their customers by setting up one more or less risky asset allocation according to the client’s risk profile and the market context, without neglecting the opportunities in the equity sector that arise from market volatility.

On this front we have developed one together with Mediobanca SgrOffering delegated investment solutionsin collaboration with the best international players (including MFS, Nordea, Morgan Stanley, Fidelty and Picet). Use different investment ideasalways following an ESG approach and taking into account macro trends such as artificial intelligence or demographic growth.

We particularly prefer the“Get in” approach with the initial investments being more focused on the bond markets and then gradually investing in the stock market depending on the client’s profile.

In this transition period for the financial markets and for the economy in general, our commitment aims to exploit and strengthen all our special features: diligence Risk profile assessment of the customer, the constant Support from our qualified advisor desk and that continuous training to our 600 financial advisors.

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