Inflation also weighs on pizza: it’s getting more expensive


The The pizza price has gone up. All guests of the restaurants and clubs, where one of the most famous dishes of Italian cuisine is prepared, notice this. But why has the price of pizza gone up so much? Make the calculation in no time and prepare one Pizza Margherita costs 14% more. We are talking about an increase that is twice the average inflation rate in Italy.

He thought about making these calculations Bloombergbased directly on it current prices conducted directly by Istat for the month of June.

The increasingly expensive pizza

What has determined in the last few months? Increase in pizza prices?

According to Bloomberg, the increases are to be determined it was mostly olive oil, increasing the price by 26% over the past year. To evaluate the cost of a traditional Neapolitan pizza, it is also necessary to calculate the increases recorded by the pizza wheat flourof the mozzarella cheese and from tomato. In order to focus only on the cost of flour, it is necessary to pay attention to the monthly price recorded a slight decline of 0.6% during the last year. Period in which retail prices increased by 6.8%.

But let’s analyze the cost of the other ingredients. The cost of peeled tomatoesFor example, the cost of those who decide to shop at a supermarket increased by 12.8%. Their price could go even higher after the increases that growers managed to push through for 2023. For mozzarella, annual increases average around 17%.

Is it better to make it yourself or frozen pizza? Compare prices

At this point it is better to do so Pizza at home to save money? If I do the math, it comes out It’s cheaper to buy a packaged pizza than buying all the necessary products and making them yourself.

In this case, too, the calculations by Bloomberg are particularly interesting. In the past year I will see the cost of ready made pizzas The price is only up 7% (so to speak)..

Something like that was sold in wholesale in Italy last year 60,000 tons of pizzas, divided into fresh and ready-made and frozen. Sales are around 1.2 billion euros.


According to an estimate by Coldirettithe pizza produces a Total sales of around 15 billion euros. The industry employs at least 100,000 full-time workers, rising to 200,000 over the weekend.

On average something like this is baked in Italy every year 2.7 billion pizzas. This massive amount requires the use of:

  • 200 million kilos Flour;
  • 225 million kilos mozzarella cheese;
  • 30 million pounds olive oil;
  • 260 million kilos Tomato sauce.

Overall, according to Coldiretti, the pizza economic system tends to do this to approximately 121,000 premises, including pizzerias, restaurants, takeaway pizzerias, delis and bakeries. The passion for pizza has gone global. To get an idea of ​​consumption beyond the border, just think about it Americans consume thirty pounds of it every year.

With 7.8 kilos per year, the Italians lead the European rankings, followed by:

  • Spanish: 4.3;
  • French And German: 4.2;
  • British: 4;
  • Belgian: 3.8;
  • Portuguese: 3.6;
  • Austrian: 3.3.

We remind you that in December 2017 the inscription of theArt of Neapolitan pizzaiolirecognizing the strong cultural link between pizza and Italy.

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