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The IEuD (European Institute for Addiction) has launched a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of accelerating the growth of its care network and making its specialist services available in the main Italian cities. The resources thus gathered crowdfunding campaign They will therefore be invested in activities aimed at establishing the Institute’s roots in Italy, starting from local schools, associations and companies.

This crowdfunding campaign is presented as another element of the institute’s mission: the IEuD, an institute specialized in outpatient treatment of substance and behavioral addictions with a mixed approach – in presence and online – aims in fact to make the first to create a private network Italian thanks to the organized involvement of several specialists able to offer the patient a unique treatment path tailored to the person, offering different possibilities in its implementation.

With crowdfunding, the IEuD strives for efficient and increasingly comprehensive networking in the region

In the first months of this year, before crowdfunding, the European Addiction Institute had already completed a first round of selection and training of about ten qualified psychotherapists in some of the main Italian cities: the treatment offer is currently available in the cities of Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, Bologna, Catania, Brescia, Como and Forli.

Anyone who contacts the IEuD has the opportunity nationwide to meet their psychotherapist in person and at the same time to maintain online contact with other specialists working in treatment (psychiatrists, psychiatric rehabilitation therapists). Thanks to this blended approach, the IEuD is able to provide a qualified response to care requests at an affordable cost and without unduly disrupting people’s daily lives.

The IEuD offers a tailor-made approach to the patient, supported by a team of specialists

Founded in Milan in 2016, the IEuD has grown from a specialized outpatient center into a national addiction support network, active in the major Italian cities, with the aim of meeting the demand for treatments that is largely neglected today.

Addiction is a complex and all-encompassing human disorder that impacts lifestyle, inclinations, and planning. Therefore, the IEuD is aimed at people who are interested in highly professional treatment, maximum confidentiality, at affordable costs and without having to leave their own living environment.

The IEuD approach consists of involving a team of psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychiatric rehabilitation therapists who are able to recognize the complexity of the problem and engage with each other and the patient in order to optimize their intervention. The treatment pathway is therefore highly personalized and based on the characteristics of each individual, the type of substance, the situation and the environment.

Thanks to the CLOSER app, the IEuD integrates digital health tools into patient care

The transformation of the IEuD into a national network, in addition to crowdfunding, is also made possible by the availability of proprietary digital tools, including the CLOSER app, which was presented in Milan last November after more than two years of intensive development work.

CLOSER, a digital platform developed by IEuD, promotes interaction between patient and treatment team, intensifies the therapeutic relationship and allows better management of the work of the professionals involved, through a rapid, orderly and continuous exchange of clinical information between patient and therapist throughout the national territory.

The innovative power of the CLOSER app was underlined by Federico Seghi Recli, founding member of the IEuD: “The organized skills of several specialists, clear objectives and the possibility of autonomously checking the progress of one’s treatment allow the person to experience a treatment in a new way .” , easily accessible and interactive”.

The state of the addiction market in Italy and the supply of treatment pathways

According to the latest surveys by the Ministry of Drugs and the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, in Italy there are an estimated 5 million alcohol users classified as at risk, 700,000 cocaine users and over 5.5 million cannabis users, with a prevalence of around 24% among adolescents. Compared to these figures, the percentages of patients treated in the structures of the national health system or in the private social sector are completely marginal considering that even for a legal substance like alcohol, only 8% of patients with organ damage have access to any Form of treatment and the percentages fall even further when illicit substances such as cocaine (about 3%) or cannabis (about 0.2%) are taken into account.

The limited and late access to treatment is often linked to the lack of an adequate range of therapies at the local level, and the public outpatient services for addictive disorders and the rehabilitation structures of the private social sector are not real competitors.

For this reason, the IEuD wants to become a reference center for the care and treatment of addictions, capable of putting the patient first and providing digital health tools at the service of those in need, breaking existing barriers and creating new opportunities for health .

The IEuD mainly cares for patients with problems related to alcohol addiction (35%), cocaine (32%), sex/pornography (9%), love addiction (9%), drugs and cannabis (7%), with a history of addiction generally about lasts for a longer period of time (over 10 years in 70% of patients).

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