How much to pay for a supplementary pension


From Luca Losito
April 23, 2023 9:00 am

Estimate how much you will have to pay yourself Pension integrative it’s not easy, you have to estimate the amount public pension and then evaluate on a case-by-case basis how to proceed. A contribution that can be invaluable, especially for younger workers, also given the increasingly critical situation of Italian public finances. We see everything in the analysis.

Factors influencing the supplementary pension

In particular, there are many factors that influence the subject retirement planning complementarywhich are interrelated, including: the estimated value of the public pension, the percentage increase in the latter considered appropriate by those who opt for a supplementary pension, the years of contributions to the supplementary pension scheme chosen and the net return on the solution chosen.

The “way” to do

For all these reasons it is possible to propose a “Away” to determine the portion of income attributable to the pension fund deemed most appropriate to one’s expectations, but subject to a necessary premise closely linked to the accession methods. In fact, we must not forget that anyone who has joined their own reference fund on the basis of a collective agreement or operating regulations has the right to also benefit from their employer’s contribution, according to the measures and modalities laid down in the contract itself. However, this is subject to the employee either paying the amount stipulated in the agreement/regulation or by choosing to pay a higher contribution. The only exception in this sense is the so-called “contractual membership” (here the employer is solely responsible for the provision, while the employee can decide for himself or to what extent).

The choice on severance pay

The worker he may choose to contribute to his position by paying his future severance pay (in whole or in part), again based on what his employer envisages. However, in the event that he decides to deposit using only the TFR, he cannot count on the employer contribution. In the case of a silent contribution, it is therefore particularly important to consider whether and to what extent the amounts paid in can be supplemented by your own contributions (in this case, the employer will also make corresponding agreements in accordance with the provisions of Section 11 Paragraph).

Individual Membership

Different theindividual membership to a pension scheme implies that one’s position (actually in an open fund or a PIP) is sustained solely by the member’s contribution. It is still possible for employees to pay only severance pay, although choosing a form of pension other than company or collective agreement does not automatically lead to claiming the employer’s share (e.g. exactly what would have happened instead if the “reference fund” had been chosen).

The 5 trains decide on the supplementary pension

At this point here is one useful way to assess how much they can contribute based on their own effectiveness need: Estimate your state pension with the “Orange Envelope”, the INPS online tool; determine, on the basis of the hypothetical level of future public pension, how much the increase should be – through an additional pension – in order to obtain a total pension that allows one to maintain a standard of living adequate to one’s needs; take into account the length of contributions, bearing in mind that the more years of contributions there are, the easier it will be to accumulate a good “treasury” even with limited annual payments; Consider the possible tax benefits related to membership and in particular the deductibility (within the 5,164 euros of the annual payment): the net amount of the payment will therefore be lower than the amount actually placed in the fund; Check not only your own contribution amount at the beginning and over time, but also the chosen investment line. In other words, the goal has to be an overall acceptable average return, but most importantly decisions that are consistent with the risk appetite one is willing to take. Amount that may well change over time, for example due to the amount of one’s assets or the number of years separating the pensioner.

In short, any review cannot ignore that To know of the type investment lineprecisely because different solutions correspond to different risks and expected returns. It should be noted that in the case of tacit membership, the compensation should always flow into a guarantee line, ie which offers a guarantee for a minimum return or repayment of the capital paid in if certain events occur: however, the possibility of subsequent selection remains a matter of course for various subjects.

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