How Much Do Mutual Funds Really Make?


From Luca Losito
May 10, 2023 6:16 p.m

With an average income of 3.3% annually i Investment funds They represent one of the options that any saver can consider to diversify and optimize their portfolio over the long term. We see everything in the analysis.

What are mutual funds?

The Investment funds is an investment vehicle set up and managed by certain asset management companies, the Sgr. These are financial products particularly suitable for savers and families who want to increase the value of their capital over time by entrusting management to professionals in the sector.

How are you

THE Investment funds They’re back and seem to be performing well at the moment. The first quarter of 2023 has indeed confirmed signs of a reversal trend which have already manifested themselves since October 2022 and are a clear signal in sight the reopening of the market

The expected costs

Chapter Costs. According to the latest ESMA report for equity funds in the European Union, the recurring charges, i.e. deducted from fund assets each year, are 1.5% of the investment value, while the costs for Italian equity funds average 2.0%.

The returns

L’Europe better thanItaly. As evidenced by an in-depth analysis by “The Sun 24 Hours”indeed, the financial reports at the end of March for the instruments placed by the top 30 asset management companies on the continent show a average earnings of 3.3%, as confirmed by the data in the quarterly report of the Tosetti Value research center. Products distributed by Italy’s top ten asset management companies also performed well, returning 2.7%.

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