How certificates add value to advanced portfolios


In collaboration with Wall Street Italy, today BNP Paribas I reported Investment certificates at the center of the discussion in the pulsating heart of the financial industry, in the Palazzo Mezzanotte. A day full of content, in which numerous financial advisors took part and enriched by the contributions of the speakers present, who were interviewed on the sidelines of the event to capture the most interesting ideas that emerged from the day’s work.

The certificate event

Let’s go into more detail, BNP Paribas held the event today in Piazza Affari “The Evolution of Portfolios: Innovations with Investment Certificates to Maximize Returns”. An event that will take place on March 1st from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is aimed at all financial advisors looking for innovative strategies to optimize investment portfolios and therefore improve customer service. The moderators of the meeting were Alexandra Georgieva from WSI e Luca Comunian from BNP Paribas. The WSI director spoke first on stage Leopold Gasbarrowhich underlined the importance and weight of the time factor in investment decisions.

The topics discussed

Then, after the fact, they intervened Johan CarliBNP Paribas CIO Office, Emmanuel Fat, Italy Securitized Derivatives Management of the Italian Stock Exchange. Participants took part in the first round table on managed savings and the development of the offer quoted on the market Alexander SimonettiEQD structurer from BNP Paribas, Pierpaolo ScandurraCEO certificates and derivatives, Michele Little boy, investment solutions manager at Intermonte. They took part in the second roundtable, which focused on asset allocation in advanced advisory portfolios Andrew ValentiFinancial advisor to Alfa Scf e Andrew De GaetanoFinancial analyst.

Video interviews with speakers

To find out what they talked about, check them all out here Interviews prepared by Luca Losito on the sidelines of the event. Let’s find out together what they told us.

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