Gates is optimistic about AI. Here’s what it does with Microsoft


From Valentina Magri
July 24, 2023 6:20 p.m

L’artificial intelligence raises many fears. Bill Gates in a post published on his blog, goal notes, outlined all the risks of AI but remained bullish on the sector. Here’s what they are.

Gates is optimistic about AI

The American tycoon first recalls that there is artificial intelligence just one of many innovations that bring new threats that need to be tackled, especially those related to potential job losses. The same thing happened with cars and computers, leading to the imposition of limits and regulations rather than stifling innovation.

“It’s natural to feel restless at a time like this. But history proves that It is possible to solve the challenges that new technologies bring‘ Gates reassured. Who says he’s convinced the risks are real, but at the same time “optimistic that they can be overcome“.

The risks of AI according to Gates

Gates then lists all the risks associated with artificial intelligence. First me deepfakes (text content, video or fake news) and the disinformation could have an impact on the political elections and, more generally, on democracy. At the same time, AI can also help detect deepfakes, so much so that US government agency Darpa is working on technology to detect if video or audio has been tampered with.

Also, AI makes it easier for users hacker attack people and governments because they help them write better code. Security professionals who want to put a stop to hackers must do the same.

Another big risk worldwide is that cyber war, using artificial intelligence to launch cyber attacks against other countries. “Cyber ​​criminals will not stop developing new tools. Nor will those who want to use AI to develop nuclear weapons and bioterrorist attacks. Efforts to stop them must continue at the same pace,” recommends Gates.

Added to this is the danger feared by many that artificial intelligence will lead to a… downsizing. “AI will be so good at expressing ideas that it will be able to write your email and manage your inbox for you. You can write a request in plain English or another language and create a comprehensive presentation of your work,” Gates admits. In his view, however, this is becoming one increased productivity, because people will have more time for other things, be it at work or at home. This will certainly create a need for support and retraining for some workers. The American tycoon is categorical:

“This is a role that governments and business must play, and they must manage it well to prevent workers being left behind and to avoid the kind of disruption to people’s lives that has occurred during the decline in manufacturing jobs in the United States.”

Another problem with AI is that it takes our biases and makes things up so it looks distorted at times. However, Gates says he is “optimistic that AI models can be taught over time to distinguish fact from fiction.” OpenAI, for example, is doing promising work here.”

Additionally, many teachers worry that students will use AI to do their homework for them. There are some educators who are championing AI and trying to teach students how best to use it.

The American tycoon invited everyone to follow developments in AI as much as possible, believing that “it is the most transformative innovation any of us will experience in our lifetime and that healthy public debate will depend on knowledge of this technology, its benefits and risks. The benefits will be enormous and the best reason to believe we can manage the risks is that we have done it before.”

Your projects with AI

Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates, carries out numerous projects with artificial intelligence. His first move was in January 2023 to increase his investment Open AIthe company that produces GPT chats, generative chatbot with artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft had previously invested in the company in 2019 and 2021.

In February 2023, Microsoft added Chat GPT to its search engine. Bing. Afterward, Microsoft has introduced two new features Powered by artificial intelligence for its Edge browser: “Chat” and “Compose”. The former allows users to summarize the webpage or document viewed and ask questions about its content. The second acts as a writing assistant, helping to generate text, from emails to social media posts, based on some initial input.

Microsoft is currently releasing its own AI-powered personal assistant called ” co-piloton Windows 11. This is the same wizard that Microsoft is already built into edgein his apps from Office come on GitHub. Copilot also now supports three main types of plugins, including Teams Message Extensions, Power Platform Connectors, and tools that use GPT chat technology.

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