Gasoline price hikes in summer: hoax or reality?


The price increases gas in view of the holidays. Or maybe not. Concerns about rising fuel prices ahead of the summer holidays have been around for some time. But the managers of the dispensers deny this. where is the truth

Surveys of petrol station managers

Bruno Bearzinational president of Figisc ConfcommercioAssociation of petrol station operators, speaks of “useless controversies about the fuel price” and defines a “conspiracy script” that of consumer associations, according to which “the companies are taking advantage of this to increase the price lists for petrol and diesel, so well do they know that motorists leaving will have to pay anyway”. And claims:

petrol prices at served around (somewhat below or above) ai For months there have been 2 euros/litre – with a phase around 1970-1980 between early May and early June, But someone is only now realizing it, to start the usual argument by the sea and the “psychological threshold” the 2 euros. Perhaps we also remember the 2.00 euros/liter of petrol served, 1,090 is tax: ie excise duty and VAT, and which remain with the service station attendant 0.050 euros/litreregardless of the final price.”

But how is the price of petrol really developing?

The development of the price of petrol

Based on the elaboration of “Quotidiano Energia” on the basis of data provided by the managers to the Mimit Observatory and updated yesterday, July 19 at 8 a.m., the average price of gasoline in self-service mode is 1.863 euros/litre (compared to 1.865 euros/litre). previous survey), with the various brands ranging between 1,858 and 1,879 euros/liter (without logo 1,850). The average diesel price is 1,710 euros/litre (compared to 1,713), with companies between 1,701 and 1,724 euros/litre (without logo 1,698).

The products offered are more expensive, the average price is 1,999 euros/litre (2,001 in the previous survey), with branded factories with prices ranging from 1,941 to 2,068 euros/litre (no logo 1,903). The average diesel price is 1.851 euros/litre (compared to 1.853), while company outlets have average prices between 1.789 and 1.919 euros/litre (no logo 1.752).

The chart below shows the development of the average petrol price from 1996 to today. We note that it was last at 2 euros in June 2022. Then the price crashed to 1.662 euros in December 2022 and was around 1.8 euros in June.

Source: mise

The role of excise duties

The speech of excise duty it’s also true: theItaly is the country with the highest diesel taxes in Europe. As a researcher The sun 24 hours, “After tax, the cost of Italian fuel is below the European average.” Excise duties on gasoline consist of 18 different items, all of which directly affect the final price of the fuel. Excise taxes are Firmly in relation to the quantity delivered fuel and they can cover any type of expenditure in the state budget. In order to save fuel, we definitely recommend that you adopt them 6 simple tricks.

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