Fixed Income, Allspring between opportunities and prospects for 2024


From Luca Losito
January 24, 2024 4:54 p.m

A. is expected 2024 interesting and profitable for those who want to concentrate Firmly income. There is no shortage of opportunities, including in the area of ​​energy transition, and they could represent a valuable option to better diversify your portfolio in the coming months. The topic was analyzed Allspring Global Investmentsin a press conference today in Milan.

The Allspring Conference

In particular, three experts spoke Allspring: Marco blackHead of Sales Southern Europe, George BoryChief Investment Strategist for Fixed Income, e Henriette Pacquement, senior portfolio manager and head of global fixed income and sustainability. Everyone underlined like thatbinding has much more to offer than the simple BTP, a product that has always been very popular and known among Italian investors, and that relying only on liquidity is a bad idea for your assets: “Cash is a dead asset”, remarked George Bory.

The three key factors of 2024

There are three i main points This is underlined by the report proposed by the experts Allspring. First, allocations will undoubtedly increase in 2024 fixed-interest securities, also in view of the significant increases in returns. Second, investors can also monetize opportunities related to the energy transition, which is being driven by a wide range of companies. The third aspect to consider are the risks of this year: the vulnerability of supply chains and the elections scheduled for 2024.

2023 in Europe

Instead, let’s look at last year, as Morningstar found came firmly At the end of December, around 6,450 actively managed open-ended pension funds were based there Europe. However, there are 225 passive open funds and 464 fixed income ETFs listed on the Old Continent. Last year I have Products Tie up as a whole they collected 163.5 billion of euros and recorded four positive quarters and only one negative month in terms of capital flows (October with 517 million net redemptions). For European pension funds, 2023 was the fifth best year for fundraising in the last decade.

In short, the fixed-interest securities It can be a key asset in portfolio composition this year. There are many reasons for this, as the experts explain below Allspring, which have only one goal: to optimize performance and dominate the curve. Also and especially with regard to possible tariff reductions.

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