Euromobiliare (Credem Group), new collaborations for asset management


From Luca Losito
February 23, 2024 5:50 p.m

Euromobiliare Advisory SIMa securities brokerage firm Credem Group specializing in wealth and wealth management services led by General Director Gianmarco ZanettiI recently subscribed to a few Cooperation agreements with leading national and international savings management companies that focus on specific division families Asset management. The company itself announced this with an official announcement.

Cooperations from Euromobiliare

The balanced management lines are particularly mentioned “Elite mix”dedicated Credem Euromobiliare Private Bankinginclude collaboration with BlackRock which will provide support with asset allocation and thematic market trends. In view of the balanced management lines with an upper, wealthy bias called “Portfolio”, collaboration in asset allocation has been activated Franklin Templeton. Finally, an agreement with Euromobiliare AM SGR was activated within these lines In total To return.

The aim of the operations

Such Collaborations they will allow instead Euromobiliare Advisory SIM to focus more on the areas in which the company has consolidated its competencies over time. This particularly concerns aspects of the selection of financial instruments, the management of lines characterized by certain types of assets (so-called “building blocks”: stock, bond and money lines, also in currency), “high conviction” lines and lines with very high individualization and for customers with the highest reputation (UHNWI – Ultra High Net Worth Individuals).

The expert’s comment

“In a context of market Complex“Challenging and highly competitive, we see the start of these cooperation agreements with great confidence,” he explained Gianmarco ZanettiManaging Director of Euromobiliare Advisory SIM – This decision aims to focus skills and abilities within the company on areas where we have shown in recent years that we are making a difference and creating value and that our group strives for, and on the other hand, opening up to collaborations with with key international and internal Group players to create synergies in areas that we believe can enhance our offering.”

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