Dream job is to become a psychologist. The singers go down


What is the dream job Italian? But above all: what do they want to do? The changes in society in recent years have been manifold, but above all very rapid. At the same time, professional paths are changing are considered more interesting.

He thought about taking stock of these changes Be liablea company specializing in the development and improvement of human capital that has highlighted how that Italians’ opinions on work. But above all: What are the professional expectations of those directly involved, who have changed radically compared to ten years ago?

dream job

The study prepared by Adecco has highlighted how the expectations of the Italians. Interest in it has grown health professions and those, more generally, connected with that psycho-physical well-being. Some profound changes have affected the sector shows and entertainment and that humanities professions. That seems to arouse less interest legal professions and those related to law enforcement and security in general.

The Health Professions

Among the professions that have in some ways taken off are related professionshealth and well-being. Certainly thanks to the commitment of professionals in dealing with the most critical moments of the pandemic. Compared to ten years ago, interest in the profession of Physician (+85%) and for that ofNurse (+39%).

The profession related to mental and physical well-being also experienced a real boom:

  • psychologist: +148%;
  • nutritionist: +349%.

humanities professions

Someone had predicted that the advent of artificial intelligence would create something a progressive departure from the humanities. It actually didn’t happen. In our country, interest in these professionals remains high, even if continuous technological innovation has led many companies to look for profiles with such skills that can be combined with digital skills.

Compared to ten years ago, the number of those who want to do something is increasing significantly a career in knowledge disseminationand/or that is in some way related to that Tell stories. 75% of those who said they wanted to do this job writerthose who want to do it increase by 78%. professor and 123% who would like to do it Teacher.

Indiana Jones’ charm has faded: interest in the profession plummets by 51%. archaeologist. The number of those who want to become one falls by 9%. journalist. The lower attractiveness is probably related to the crisis these two sectors are going through, leading to a consequent reduction in professional opportunities in this field.

Work in the entertainment world

Entertainment and the world of entertainment are the sectors that have seen the greatest changes over the past decade. Certainly the advent of social networks has impacted the sector they spawned to the creation of new platforms. The number of people who want to become one is falling Singer (-50%) and who wants to become one Youtuber (-13%). Boom of who wants to become influencers: 505%.

legal professions

related professions Study of the constitution and legislation. Only the profession of resistance notary, increasing interest by 116% compared to ten years ago. In decline, who wants to become Judge (-20%) or Lawyer (-28%).

sports professions

The profession of soccer player remains an evergreen: interest grows by 27%. However, the attraction of pilot Interest in this has increased by at least 44% compared to 10 years ago.

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