Daycare bonus extended for the whole of 2023. How to apply for it


the day care bonus it was extended for another year. The measure enables families to receive a subsidy to pay school fees for children under the age of 3. The government has decided to allow families access to the measure for the whole of 2023. The confirmation of the extension of the daycare bonus for the entire current year did not come until the end of 2022. But let’s see what the requirements are for access to the contribution and who owns it.

What is the daycare bonus

The daycare bonus is practically a measure that is reserved for parents with children under 3 years old. The contribution is intended to cover the associated costs public or private kindergarten fees. It is also possible to use the measure to family supportwhich consists of financial support for the families of children with special health problems or other problems for which they cannot attend school.

You can receive the daycare bonus a contribution of up to 3,000 euros per yearjust in case in the called statement I see minors reported household income less than 25,000 euros per year. In this case, they are paid out to those directly affected 272.73 euros over 11 months. In the event that the underage ISEE is even higher than one euro to 25 thousand euros, it remains under 40,000 eurosFamilies are entitled to a contribution of 2,500 euros per yearpaid out over eleven months the same 227.27 euros. In the event that the ISEE for minors exceeds 40,000 euros, it is possible to obtain it 1,500 euros a year: the monthly amount is the same in this case 136.37 euros for eleven months.

The requirements for receiving the grant

The daycare bonus is paid directly by INPS. The monthly amounts made available to the families they may not be higher than the costs actually incurred for the asylum contribution. But what do families have to bring with them to apply for the contribution?

Interested parties must be in possession of the Italian citizenship. Or they definitely have to be part of a European Union country. Regular pass holders can also enter the measure long-term residence permit. Holders of a residence card for non-EU family members of Union citizens and holders of a permanent residence card for family members who are not Union citizens also have access to the measure.

The question has to be conducted directly on the Inps website, which can be accessed with the usual access data. Alternatively, it is possible to submit the application through patronage or by calling the Integrated Contact Center, whose toll-free number is 803164 from landline and 06.164164 from mobile.

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