Currency option expires 16 February 10:00 for New York outage


There are a few points to note as highlighted above bold.

Those for EUR/USD are layered between 1.0700 and 1.0800, with some right in the middle of that. It is likely to keep price movement more limited at current levels, especially before expiration later in the day.

There is then a rally to the 150.00 level for USD/JPY, which will likely help further support price action in European trade. All this, of course, before we get more US data later in the day.

And finally there is one for USD/CAD near the 1.3500 level. This could be linked to the 100 and 200 hourly moving averages converging at 1.3491-06 to keep price action limited before moving into US trading.

For more information on how to use this data, you can refer to the article here.

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