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Yes, because I believe that “feeling good” is the key word to keep in mind. It requires health, education, training, work, life balance, economic well-being, social relationships, a good political and institutional context, security, landscape and cultural heritage, environment, quality of services…

Are we sure that when we talk to customers about wellbeing, they think about all of these things? I doubt.

That is the real challenge. That’s why I’m even more convinced that thinking and speaking out loud helps and NOT disrupts. And I am increasingly convinced that financial education is a very useful welfare tool that allows you to find answers, with the main goal of alleviating as much as possible. Eliminate the inequalities between us and give us awareness and stability. In our advice we must not only deal with economic aspects, but we must really act on multiple dimensions of people and, above all, help them to understand them WHAT HE WANTS.

Thanks again and good job.

Alfonso Paura

Thank you, Alfonso. I chose your letter from the many messages we receive to thank everyone. Receiving words like yours justifies and makes less stressful the effort, the accumulated tension, the misunderstandings and sometimes the provocations that have to be overcome when organizing an event like this.

But I would also like to take this opportunity to individually thank each and every member of the Wall Street Italia team, without whom none of this would have happened. Vanessa, Luca, Stefano, Mauro, Greta, Antonio, Giulio, Antonio, Benny, Camila, Daniela, Elisa, Massimiliano, Aleksandra, Alessandro, Federico, Giulia, Mara, Elisa, AnnaMaria, Mariangela are just names for you, for me, Instead, they are great companions on a journey that we write about in increasingly readable, intense and harbingers of new adventures.

Leopoldo Gasbarro

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