Appeal accepted by Juventus: 15 points returned


There juventus regain fifteen points, at least for the time being. Appeals by some executives in this matter were upheld Capital Gains Scheme: But the decision does not end the affair. Now waiting for the appeal.

At the moment, however, Juventus finds i 15 pointswhich had been removed from the Justice FIGC for the Capital Gains event and jumps straight to third place in the table. The transfer for reassessment to the football association, decreed by the Guarantee College in Coni does not seem to be a real victory but a simple draw.

Juventus regain the 15 points

Juventus Coach, Massimiliano AllegriHe limits himself to the statement: “For us it was always 59 points”. But the story is not over yet: the return of the 15 points obviously changes the table and leaves the door wide open for the future of the championship. At stake first is the race for the seats for the Champions League of the next year. At the moment it is still necessary to wait 45 days (at most). to understand if this return is final or if there will be some new surprises in the standings. But let’s get into the details of the set. The panel dismissed the appeals of four Juventus front managers:

  • Andrea Agnelliformer President;
  • Maurice Arrivabeneformer CEO;
  • Fabio Paraticiformer sports director;
  • Federico Cherubini.

The sanctions and guilt of these four managers has become final. Considering the powers they had within Juventus, that’s quite a rock in the team.

You have been welcomedfrom the common sections, the complaints of Pavel Nedved and other executives, including those of Paul GarimbertiPresident of J Museum and City Council Enrico Velano. The appointment of Juventus Turin was also accepted on time.

Despite Juventus regaining the 15 points, the ball is returning to the at the moment Federal Court of Justicewhich, at least according to the judges, could preside Gabriella Sanduli, confirm the -15 justification. Or, in case there is no more precise definition of Juventus management responsibilities, revise the sentence. At this point, particular attention is paid to determining the causal contribution of the individual board members, which must be adequately justified and, if necessary, also derived from this with regard to the sanction imposed on Juventus.

More than a win, it’s a draw

what will happen now The Court of Justice, with a new composition compared to that presided over by Mario Luigi Torsello, must try to clarify what weight the managers had in deciding to give the team a -15. In the event that the acquitted councilors Nedved, Garimberti and Vellano bear no responsibility and the weight falls on the four for whom convictions have been upheld the -15 is motivated.

The board has up to thirty days to publish its reasoning. The new court will need another fifteen days to decide: at least in theory, any penalty could already fall on the current championship, which ends on June 4th.

We recall that the capital gains affair is intertwined with another process that has yet to be completed: the one salary maneuver. Calvo has for now held back with the hypothesis that Juve can negotiate to prevent matters dragging on until the next championship and avoid having two seasons compromised rather than just one.

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