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Bitcoin price

AlmanBahis Giriş : Bitcoin price is the forerunner of any digital currency and since its launch, the name of this currency has become so widespread that even people who have no knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry have heard about it at least once.

Regarding the value and importance of this currency in the cryptocurrency market, it should be said that the future and general direction of the market and the price trend of altcoins largely depends on the price and performance of this currency.

Therefore, even those who are not considered to be among the investors of Bitcoin price study the trend of Bitcoin so that they can learn about the price possibilities of the altcoin they have invested in.

forexrainbow : The year 2022 made the BTC currency path very volatile and unpredictable. From roughly mid-October to early November, we saw a recovery trend for the price of Bitcoin, which had been struggling at low levels until then, which brought the top currency back to the acceptable level of $22,000.

However, after the bankruptcy of the FTX exchange, during which all digital currencies were affected, Bitcoin was one of the coins that suffered the most losses.

Now investors are pinning their hopes on the prediction of the price of Bitcoin in 2023, and some analyze that the local level of Bitcoin in 2023 will be higher than its average price in the previous year, 2022.

Bitcoin price performance in recent years


Bitcoin started its journey in 2009 with a very small value. Over the years, this currency has become the most valuable digital asset in the world. Since then, the price of Bitcoin, like any other digital currency, has fluctuated a lot.


On November 7, 2021, the price of Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $67,549. After that, the currency faced many declines and until today it could not come close to this price level.


2022 was a difficult year for the top digital currency, and as the end of this year approaches, Bitcoin continues its gradual decline.


The average price level of Kingcoin in the last months of 2022 is around $17-18. This price level sometimes experiences a further fall due to various factors such as the bankruptcy of the FTX digital currency exchange, the disordered state of the global economy and the increase in the interest rate of the Federal Reserve.


Bitcoin price prediction Bitcoin in 2023 according to famous sites


As we know, now and with the spread of the digital currency industry, there are many platforms on the Internet that provide views on the future price of digital currencies using some analytical tools.

Here we have collected data from some of the most famous and trusted crypto platforms on Bitcoin price in 2023.

BTC price in 2023 according to Almanbahis


The digital coin price site always provides the most complete predictions about the price of digital currencies separately for each month.

BTC price is expected to cross the $36,772.28 level, according to the forecast data analysis on the Digital Coin Price website.

The site also expects Bitcoin to reach a minimum price of $35,424.32 by the end of 2023. Moreover, Bitcoin price is able to reach the maximum level of $38127.47.


Bitcoin price prediction in 2023 based on business2community


This site analyzes that although 2022 represents a long bear market, these bear markets, like bull markets, do not last forever.

Also, since the next bitcoin halving is likely to take place in early 2024 and the acceptance of BTC and other digital currencies will increase at the same time, a new uptrend should be created, that is why the Bitcoin price prediction business in the community In 2023, he estimates that this coin could test new price ceilings and be worth $75,000.

As you can see, this prediction of Bitcoin price in 2023 is quite optimistic and bullish.


BTC price in 2023 according to


After analyzing the price of Bitcoin in the past years, Chingli website has assumed that in 2023, the minimum price of Bitcoin will be around $23,876.09. The expected maximum price of Bitcoin may be around $29,042.16. On average, the trading price may be $24,572.56 according to this platform in 2023.


Bitcoin price prediction in 2023 according to cryptonewsz


According to this site’s 2023 BTC price forecast, the expected maximum price for 2023 is around $34,933 with a minimum trading price of $18,188. At the same time, traders can expect an average price of $26,561. Bitcoin price increase is expected to be more than 80%.


Bitcoin price prediction in 2023 according to Glassnode


According to Glassnode, the total supply by holders has reached a new ATH of 13.62 million bitcoins. Therefore, the continuous increase in volume can bring the price to $4,3959.19. In contrast, the price of KingCoin (BTC) could drop to $23,218.00. Consequentially, the balance in trading activity could set the price at $34,412.75.


Bitcoin prediction in 2023 according to analyticsinsight


The popular platform has a different take on its 2023 Bitcoin price prediction, claiming that the growing crypto market will continue to find new ways to market Bitcoin to new investors who have never invested in cryptocurrencies before. This development should help the leading digital currency grow over time, which is why the site’s 2023 Bitcoin price forecast estimates the currency will be worth $68,000.


Is Bitcoin a good investment in 2023?


As mentioned earlier, several altcoins have been introduced to the market in the last few years, looking to follow the success of Bitcoin. Many of these altcoins are considered much better than BTC in terms of speed and scalability.

For example, many consider Ethereum to be the best digital currency to invest in because it uses blockchain technology in a more creative way than Bitcoin.

In addition, other crypto networks have also started to replace Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus with a more scalable and environmentally friendly Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm.

However, even though Bitcoin technology may be becoming obsolete, it continues to grow worldwide as a payment method. Two developing countries now accept Bitcoin as official currency, and many small businesses accept Bitcoin as payment for their goods and services.

Bitcoin ATMs have also become a popular concept, allowing users to deposit cash and purchase Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) using a physical kiosk.

The purchased cryptocurrency is then sent via QR code to the user’s crypto wallet, providing a quick and easy way to buy digital currencies.

According to reports, there are currently more than 30,000 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide. These elements show that Bitcoin’s usage is greater than that of other digital currencies and is increasing, even if other altcoins are leading the way in terms of real-world use cases and scalability.



As an investor, it is better to check the available forecasts of the currencies you have invested in before the start of the new year.

The point here is that the price performance of Bitcoin is always considered one of the main ways to predict the future price of other coins.

Therefore, it is suggested to always keep in mind the movement of this top currency of the crypto market, because the possible fall of BTC will drag the rest of the market to low levels, and its rise will have the opposite result.


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