How is the INPS payment calendar for February? Since January 1, 2023, the 2023 Stability Law has introduced some innovations that directly affect employees: the most important are certainly the reduction in the tax burden and the de-taxation of productivity bonuses. For freelancers and the self-employed, however, they are particularly interesting the flat-rate regime and the incremental flat-rate tax.

In addition to the more important items that will characterize the year 2023, the payments of the basic incomeof the Naspi And dis coll. But that’s not all: some important dates directly affect theonly universal test and the buy card. In addition, the INPS should also pay the Bonus 150 euros for the categories that haven’t received it yet. We would like to point out that an application for the latter measure is no longer possible.

February INPS payments

Certainly one of the most important dates at the INPS in February is the one with the basic income. We remind you that this service was introduced by the Legislative Decree no. 4 of January 28, 2019: It is an anti-poverty measure aimed at people’s reintegration into the world of work and their social inclusion.

Anyone who receives the citizen’s pension or citizen’s income for the first time has to wait Payment for Wednesday February 15th. On the other hand, those who have been receiving a subsidy for a longer period of time will be paid the amounts to which they are entitled Monday February 27th.

In this case, the claims are paid out with a Loading the naturalization cardwhich, by the way, is the electronic payment instrument issued directly by Italian Post. The Budget Law 2023 also directly affected the income of the citizens: It stipulated that the subsidy for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2023 is due for a maximum of seven months. The reduction in the monthly subsidy does not apply to families in which there are:

  • by people with disabilities for ISEE purposes;
  • by minors;
  • by persons who have reached at least the age of sixty.

It was arranged, again within the manoeuvre, the abolition of the basic income from January 1, 2024.

Naspi and Dis-Coll when paid

Inps will also take care of that during the month of FebruaryPayment of unemployment benefits Naspi and Dis-Coll. The payment is expected, at least indicatively, around February 8th and 9th. In this case There may be some slippagesince these data are subject to fluctuations depending on the actual financial resources of the INPS.

These two services are provided directly by the INPS to the beneficiaries. A specific application is required to obtain it. The payment method used by the Institute is the one indicated by the applicants when submitting their application.

However, the sole beneficiary always has the option Check the status of payments by connecting directly to the INPS website and using your SPID, CIS or CNS credentials. We remind you that those who have involuntarily lost their jobs can access Naspi. The beneficiaries of the service include:

  • holder of a subordinate employment relationship;
  • Trainee;
  • Employee members of cooperatives with an employment relationship with them;
  • Artists with a subordinate employment relationship;
  • permanent employees of public administration;
  • permanent agricultural workers, employees of cooperatives and their consortia that process, process and market agricultural and zootechnical products mainly owned or contributed by their members, pursuant to Law No. 240/1984.

Shopping card, single check and 150 euro bonus

As for that shopping card, while the payment is scheduled for February 13, 2023. We would like to point out that this measure provides for the shopping card to be topped up every two months by 80 euros, which can be used by those directly affected to buy groceries in the affiliated companies. Alternatively, it can be used to pay electricity and gas bills at post offices.

However, in the second half of February, this month’s rates will become theonly universal test. This measure was introduced to support families with dependent minor children and, under certain conditions, adults up to the age of 21. The amounts paid out vary from family to family and are parameterized using the ISEE. A number of supplements are added for:

  • children after the second;
  • children with disabilities;
  • mothers under twenty-one;
  • parents both with earned income;
  • flat-rate increase for households with four or more children of 100 euros per month and household (increased by 50% by the current Budget Law of 2023);
  • Compensation increase for households with an ISEE of up to 25,000 euros only for the three-year periods 2022, 2023 and 2024.

Finally, also in February, the Bonus 150 euros. To obtain it, the categories of beneficiaries are entitled to submit the relevant request to the INPS by January 31, 2023.

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